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How to Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone

by Mrinal Saha

WhatsApp has deeply integrated with our life. People use it for both personal and professional use. For instance- many local stores now accept orders on WhatsApp; folks on buy/sell sites like olx are openly sharing their WhatsApp number.

But, for people like me, who like to keep their personal and professional life separate, it does make sense to have two different WhatsApp account. Like – one for work and other for friends and family.

However, as per WhatsApp faq; “You can not use 2 WhatsApp account on one device”

So is there a workaround?

Well yes, there are few ways to run two separate WhatsApp account in single devices. And in this tutorial, we’ll see the best way to do it. (video tutorial)

How does it work?

We will use the official WhatsApp app to run one account and another third party called Disa for the other WhatsApp account. And since both have apps has different package name, they won’t conflict with each other.

Now, there are few other ways to run 2 Whatsapp in one phone. Like by using modded version of WhatsApp — OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp+ etc. But, they are not legit, require root, and can get your WhatsApp account blocked permanently,

But on the other hand, Disa is 100 percent legit (available on Google play); don’t require ROOT access; you don’t even need a dual sim phone for it. And most importantly, it works like a charm i.e. set it once and forget it forever.

However, the first time setup is a bit confusing, so follow this step-by-step guide.

Run 2 WhatsApp account on Android with Disa

1. First of all, you can only install Whatsapp on Disa, when there is no other version of Whatsapp running. This means, if you have WhatsApp installed on your phone, you’ll have to temporary uninstall it.

So, start by taking the backup of your WhatsApp conversation and then uninstall it.


2. Now head over to Play store and install Disa.

Basically, Disa is a messenger hub, that let you access all your messaging service (like WhatsApp, Facebook etc) from the same app.


3. Once Disa is installed on your phone, open it. Tap on the I agree checkbox and accept their terms and conditions.

Next go to settings > services > add service > select whatsApp from the list. Wait for it to download the package and then restart Disa.


4. Now that the WhatsApp package is installed inside Disa, you’ll have configured it by verifying your mobile number.

Tap on the top menu bar > check mark ‘I understand’ > enter your mobile number. Leave the MCC and MCN value as default. Or follow the instruction at the bottom, on how to get them. And then tap on next.


5. Now, you verify your mobile number with either SMS or phone call. Enter the OTP and tap on verify. And that’s it, now you are successfully running Whatsapp on Disa.

To change your display picture and WhatsApp status on disa, go to settings > profile settings. And to send a new WhatsApp message tap on plus sign at the bottom > select a contact and write the message.


6. Now, that we have WhatsApp running smoothly in Disa, we can reinstall the official WhatsApp app. So go to the play store and install it like you normally do. Once the installation is completed, you’ll see the option to imports your backups.


To test the setup, send a text from one WhatsApp account to the other. If you have done everything right, this should work flawlessly.


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