14 Best Samsung Gallery Settings and Features You Should Know About

Samsung offers its own set of apps for Galaxy handsets such as Contacts, Keyboard, Messages, and even a Gallery app. The Samsung Gallery app is loaded with cool features and settings that you might not know about. For instance, you can view duplicate images, hide albums, create album groups, and much more. Let’s check how to use the Samsung Gallery app with the following tips, tricks, and settings.

How to Use Samsung Gallery App

1. How to Change View or Layout in Samsung Gallery

By default, when you open the Samsung Gallery app, you will be taken to the Pictures view. Here you can see all the images with the most recent one at the top. You can switch view and go to the Album mode by tapping on the Album option at the bottom.

To change layout or grid size for pictures and albums, use the pinch in and out gesture.

2. Scroll to Top Quickly

While viewing images in the Samsung Gallery app, if you have scrolled a lot, you don’t need to scroll again to go to the top. Simply tap on the Up button present in the middle at the bottom of the screen. You can also tap on the Albums or Pictures tab to scroll quickly to the top.

3. Sort Images

You cannot change the sort mode for the Pictures view in the Gallery app. However, you can do it for Albums. Go to the Albums view and tap on the three-dot icon. Select Sort from the list and choose the sorting mode.

4. Select Multiple Pictures

Often you want to perform some action on multiple pictures together. For that, you can select multiple pictures. There are two ways to select multiple pictures in the Samsung Gallery app.

Firstly, touch and hold an image in the Gallery app to select it. Without lifting your finger, drag it on the screen to select other pictures. Alternatively, tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Edit. The multiple selection mode will open. Tap on the images to select them.

Once selected, you can perform actions like delete, share, copy, move, add a tag, and more.

5. View Duplicate Images

Duplicate images are one of the main reasons behind the low storage space on Samsung Galaxy phones. Samsung Gallery app offers an interesting feature where it automatically shows duplicate images. You can then delete them and keep only one image to free up storage.

To use this feature, tap on the three-dot icon at the top in the Samsung Gallery app. Make sure you are in the Pictures tab. Choose View duplicates.

The app would have automatically selected one of the duplicate images making it easier for you to delete them. You can select or deselect images manually as well. Hit the three-dot icon to delete images.

6. Add Images to Favorites

Are there some images that you love to view regularly? You can add them to the Favorites folder. That way you don’t have to search for them every day. You can simply open the Favorites folder.

To favorite an image, open it first and then hit the Heart icon at the bottom.

To view the Favorites folder, tap on the three-bar icon and select Favorites from the list.

7. Use Search to Find Pictures

You can find images quickly using the search feature in the Samsung Gallery app. While the search isn’t quite as powerful as that of Google Photos, it still offers good results. You will find the Search icon at the top in the Pictures tab.

8. View Recent Photos Quickly From Home Screen

If you don’t like how the Samsung Gallery app looks when you first open it, there’s another way to view your recent photos quickly, and that too from the home screen. It offers a cleaner interface.

To use it, first, open the Samsung Gallery app and tap on the three-bar icon. Choose Recent from the menu.

Tap on the three-dot icon on the Recent screen and select Add to home screen. Now whenever you need to access the recent photos, simply tap on the newly added Recent icon on your home screen.

9. View Videos Quickly From Home Screen

Similar to the above feature, you can view videos quickly from the home screen as well. To do so, tap on the three-bar icon in the Gallery app and select Videos.

Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Add to home screen. Tap on the Videos icon on the home screen to view videos on your phone.

10. Create Album Groups

Almost all gallery apps let you create albums. But how about grouping albums as well? Interestingly, the Samsung Gallery app lets you create groups for albums so you can group similar albums together.

To create album groups, first, go to the Albums tab. Tap on the three-dot icon and select Create group. Name your group and add the albums to it.

11. Hide Albums

Samsung Gallery app offers an easy way to hide albums. To do so, go to the Albums view and tap on the three-dot icon. Select Hide or unhide albums. Select the albums you want to hide by enabling the toggle next to them. Similarly, if you want to unhide albums, repeat the steps and turn off the toggle next to them.

If you don’t like the native feature, check out third-party apps that will help in hiding private photos and videos.

12. Remove Location Data

Samsung Gallery app offers a privacy feature that helps you in removing location data from pictures when sharing images. To use it, open the image and tap on the Share icon. When the sharing menu appears, tap on Remove location data to enable it and then share the image.

13. Recover Deleted Pictures

If you accidentally deleted images or videos from the Samsung Gallery app, fortunately, they can be easily recovered within 30 days using the Trash feature. So make sure Trash is enabled in the Samsung Gallery app. To enable Trash, tap on the three-bar icon and select Settings. Enable the toggle next to Trash.

To recover photos from Trash, tap on the three-bar icon on the Samsung Gallery app home screen and select Trash. Select the images to recover and hit the Restore option.

14. Access Secret Menu

Besides the above settings, the Samsung Gallery app offers more hidden features. To uncover them, you will have to enable Gallery labs as shown below.

1. Open the Samsung Gallery app Settings by tapping on the three-bar icon. Then tap on About Gallery.

2. Tap repeatedly on the version number until you see a message that says Gallery labs is enabled.

3. Go back to settings and scroll down. You will see Gallery labs. Tap on it and you will find numerous settings. Use them as per your need.

Wrap Up: Samsung Gallery Settings Guide

That’s how to get the most out of Samsung Gallery settings and features. Similarly, Samsung offers a bunch of settings to customize notifications, keyboard, and screenshots too. Explore them at your leisure. Also, check out some cool tips and tricks present in Samsung One UI.

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