Fastest Way To Save Images From Internet

Downloading images from the internet to our hard drive is something very common.

The traditional way of downloading images from the internet is quite tedious process, you have to right-click on the image > select save as option > a pop up box will appear, confirm the downloading by clicking on OK.


However there is quick way to download images that can save you some time.

Click on the image and drag and drop it on your desktop.

Simply drag and drop the image to save it

Surprisingly this trick works on both windows and mac OS. The download image is of same resolution that you will get if you download it from right-click.

This above method is fine, for few images but if you need to download more than few images than it’s better to take help of extension. This also give you an advantage to filter your download based on resolution and links etc. Out of many my favorite one is Fatkun Batch Download Image for chrome and DownThemAll for Firefox.

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Before you go

Do keep in mind that every images present on the internet is under copyright to its original owner and using them without proper credit or permission may result into copyright infringement.

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