How to Save Money While Shopping Online in India

Before we begin, let me tell you a story. Last year, I bought a Macbook pro for less than 50k INR. How?

Well, I bought it from Amazon during Diwali sale. It was priced at Rupees 57 thousand (usually, it’s Rs 60k). Plus there was Rs 2000 gift card, and there was SBI debit card offer, which gave me another Rs 1500 cashback. And finally, I used cashkaro to get another Rs 3800 cashback.

So overall I save 7.5 thousand Rupees.

Now most of you may be thinking; it’s a steal deal. However, it’s not. I could have got it even cheaper if I hadn’t made a basic mistake. What was that? Stick around and you will find out.

SAVE MONEY ON online shopping

Save Money While Shopping Online in India

#1. Research before you shop

Whether offline or online, a little research always results in a better deal. And if you know the right tools, then it becomes easier and fun.

For instance, use comparison sites like junglee to compare price across different websites. You can also set price alerts. However, since Amazon owns it, results are often biased.

So I suggest you use a browser extension like Makhhichoose. It is free and is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Whenever you visit a product page, this extension will automatically fetch the prices of the same product from other websites. However, do remember they use affiliates link, though.

And if you are like me, who always looking for best deals, then check out freekaamaal or indiafreestuff. They update their websites several times a day, with best deals and coupons code. A good place to find recharge coupons.

#2. Look for Coupons

Except for Flipkart and Amazon (rare), almost all others eCommerce websites offer coupons code.

If there is a place to enter a coupon code, there is a good chance that you can get it. A simple Google search for coupons can save 1-20% easily. A good place to start will be coupondunia or couponraja.

For domains, hosting or most digital product retailmenot is popular.

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#3. Use Cashback websites

Many websites offer cash back on bank-specific debit/credit cards. So if you spot them, use them. If not, wait for a sale, it comes now and then.

Websites like cashkaro, give you 5-10 percent cash back, on every purchase, you make through them. This might not look much, but over time, this adds up. And hey, every money save is every money earn.

cashkaro cashback proof

Also, some store pays hefty cashback when you use an alternate payment system like Paytm or PayUmoney. So keep an eye on that as well.

#4. Credit cards

Credit cards are tricky; they often lead to over-spending. But if used wisely, it can save a lot of money.

Online stores often offer some products on zero percent EMI ( or cashback) with credit cards. So if you don’t have a credit card, get one. Also, installments are better as they put less burden on your monthly budget. However don’t miss your installment, or your bank will charge insane interest.

#5. Finally Wait Wait Wait …

Remember I said, I could have got the MBP much cheaper!

The mistake I made was to buy early. After two days I order my MBP, Flipkart launched the big billion sales, and guess what! The same MBP was sold for 49.5 k. Off course, I could have more discount on this (screenshot)

So moral of the story is, Always wait if you can. Until and unless you are getting an exceptional deal, there is no harm in waiting. Online shopping is like share market; more you wait better deal you get.


Next time you shop online, look for least price. If there is a place to apply coupons, Google it, there is good chance you will find them. Also, purchase via cashback websites. And finally, look for offers in the payment methods like cards or cashback from Paytm/ PayUMoney, etc.

With these simple tips, you can easily save 10-20%. Always remember, there is always a way to get more discount, all you have to do is research. Also, if possible, wait for sales. They come in every 2-3 months.

Finally from my personal experience, online shopping is addictive. So stay away from that. Always buy stuff that needs and not you want. That being said, Happy Shopping!

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#6 Free Shipping on Amazon

To qualify for free shipping on Amazon, you need to have a minimum cart value of 500 Rupees, but if your total order is below that threshold, then you will have to pay the shipping charges i.e. 40 Rs. Not a big deal. But there is an easy way to avoid that.

Simply order a cheap beauty product or a book fulfilled by Amazon and your shipping will be free. Now, I have been using this neat little trip for six months now, and it was working fine at the time of updating this post i.e. Jan 2016.

free shipping on amazon India

#7 Pay bills via Paytm

Paytm is well known for its generous cashback offers. However, I still don’t feel confident enough to order any physical product from them. Had some pretty bad experience with their seller in past.

However, they are my first choice for paying regular bills like electricity, broadband, DTH, etc. Why? Well, they have less know coupon page, where they host coupons code for every type of recharge and bill payments. This will save you some extra buck every month. Obviously, use these coupons code along with cashkaro to save more.

use coupons code on paytm to save on regular bills


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