3 Ways To Schedule Slack Messages Like A Boss

Over the past few years, TechWiser has grown from just an idea to a startup with 10 team members. And to manage a team this big, we use Slack. In fact, Slack has been a live saver for us on a number of occasions. That said, I do miss few features here and there. One of those is the ability to schedule Slack messages.

I begin my day, by asking every team member what project they are working on. And as of now, I had to manually type this every day to each team member. But as they say, a man can only take to an extent. So, I finally decided to schedule Slack messages and there are few options I found out.

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Schedule Slack Messages

1. Remind Command

The first thing you may want to try is Slack’s native Remind command. You can remind (using /remind slash command) your team members about – important meetings, lunch, or just remind yourself to drink water every 3 hours.

To set up a reminder on Slack

/remind [@someone or #channel] [when]

For examples

/remind @username to do something in 1 hour

/remind @username to do something at 10:00

/remind #channel to do something every Monday


Where it fell short?

While it’s a great feature, there are 2 things that it lacks. One, you can’t do with the Remind command. One, it sends the reminder via Slackbot (and not from your personal account), so the other person can’t reply to Slack Bot, they will have to take extra steps to reply to you. And second, it can’t send a reoccurring reminder to other team members (although you can send yourself repeated messages like drink water every 3 hours).

Overall, it didn’t fit my requirement. I was looking for a way to set up reoccurring message to my team members as a direct message and not through Slackbot. So, let’s explore other options.

P.S – To sent recurring messages in Slack via SlackBot, you can use Schedule by Zapier.

2. Timy

Timy is a new online service that lets you schedule slack messages to channels and direct message. However, unlike the /remind command, Timy can send a personal DM from your user account. This way, your coworker can’t really tell if it’s a message by a bot or from you. The only downside is, Timy can schedule messages up to twenty-four hours, not more than that.

To get started, add Timy to your Slack. Once done you can use it just like the /Remind command but with few changes. First, you have to use /send instead of /remind. And second, you will have to use it in the DM to whom you want to schedule the message.

/remind to do something [when]

For example

/send what are we working on Today in 1h30m

/send Happy Birthday! at 12pm



And not just that, it also packs some other useful features. For example, to see the list of all the messages that have not yet been delivered type /list all command. If a message hasn’t already been delivered, you will be able to cancel it. You can also send a self-destruct messages using /delete command.

For example

/delete Feed me, Somebody! at 2pm 

delete in slack


Where it fell short?

As the name suggests it’s mostly a reminder rather than a schedule message. There is no option to setup daily recurring reminders. Also, you can’t schedule messages more than twenty-four hours. Again, this isn’t what I was looking for, so I continued my search.


The problem with both the above methods is that you can’t automate this every day. Even though you can schedule for a few hours in advance, you still have to type those commands manually.

Thankfully, you can send a reoccurring reminder on Slack with good old IFTTT recipe. It can send a personal message as well (not via SlackBot). The only downside is, the message is sent from IFTTT account (shows the name and display picture of IFTTT) so you coworker can tell, the message comes from the bot and not in person.

IFTTT with Slack

To get a started login or create an IFTTT account if you haven’t already one, then add this applet. Connect it with your Slack account, next you need to specify – the message, what day and time you want it to go through, and then save changes. That’s pretty much it. In our testing, the IFTTT applet is reliable, but it does have some issues.

Where it fell short

To begin with, it shows IFTTT in the display picture and name. IFTTT also take some extensive permission while installing itself. So, if you are concern about your privacy, this might not be an ideal route for you.

IFTTT with Slack

So these were few ways to schedule Slack messages. The closest one to my need is the IFTTT’s Scheduled Slack Messages. The only downside is, it shows IFTTT in the display picture and name, instead of showing mine. That said, I would ideally, like the fusion of IFTTT and Timy. Let me know if you find an alternative way to achieve that. I’ll see you in the next one. Happy Slacking!

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