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How to Only See Videos From YouTube Channels You Have Subscribed To

by Mrinal Saha

When was the last time, you opened the YouTube app and saw videos from people you have subscribed to? I know, it’s rare. My YouTube feed is filled with videos that have nothing to do with my subscription box, rather these are the videos that YouTube thinks, I might be interested in. And as a YouTuber myself, I can verify it from the YouTube analytics. These days, we get far more views from YouTube recommendations than from our subscribers. And this makes sense for YouTube, as shifting to the recommendation model helps them to provide a more laid-back experience and extend the viewership.

That said, if you are like me who often misses awesome videos from the people you subscribe to, here is a quick and easy way to see videos from YouTube channels you have subscribed to.

Steps for Desktop

1. Open YouTube.com in a browser and log in to your Google account.

2. Click on the Subscriptions tab on the left side to see the latest videos from the subscribed channels only.

3. Alternatively, click on this link – https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions and add bookmark the link. Every time you click on the above bookmark, it’ll open the page with your YouTube page with videos from the channels you subscribe to.

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Steps for Android and iPhone

Open the YouTube app and tap on the Subscriptions tab at the bottom to view videos from subscribed channels on Android or iPhone.

In case you want to regularly access the Subscriptions tab, you can create its home screen shortcut on Android phones. For this to work, you need Android 7.1 or higher and a compatible launcher. All popular launchers such as Google Now, Samsung One UI, Nova launcher, and One Plus launcher should work right off the box.

1. Long press the YouTube icon on your phone. New options will pop up.

2. From the pop-up, again long press the Subscription option.

3. Drag the Subscription shortcut on your home screen.

That’s it. Now, whenever you tap on the YouTube shortcut on your home screen, it’ll open the YouTube app and you can see videos from YouTube channels you have subscribed to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on iOS devices. Your only option is to make a habit of opening the YouTube app and manually tapping the Subscriptions option each time.

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Bonus Tip: How to View All Your Subscribed Channels on YouTube

On the YouTube website on the desktop, click on the Subscriptions tab. Then, click on Manage at the top to view all the YouTube channels that you are subscribed to.

On Android and iPhone, go to the Subscriptions tab in the YouTube app. Then, tap on the arrow at the top to view your subscribed channels.

Have Fun With YouTube

That’s how you can watch videos from your favorite channels that you have subscribed to on YouTube. Also, learn how to play YouTube videos in the background.

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