Top 8 Best Selfie Editing Apps for Android to Take Amazing Photos

Mobile photography is a huge industry in itself. In fact, it is estimated to be over 100 billion by the end of 2021. That is not a small number. Mobile photography has taken off so much so that there are hundreds, if not thousands of apps, in the Play Store targeting different needs. There is a rumor that sales of DSLRs are on their way down. Is this true?

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Selfie Editing Apps for Android

Today, I will be focusing on selfie editing apps because, well, why not? We all love taking selfies and posting it on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Before we begin, I want all of you to be safe and act responsibly when taking selfies. Too many people have lost their lives taking selfies to ignore this situation. Stay safe and keep smiling.

1. Snapseed

Google has a lot of photography apps under its belt, some of them were recently unveiled. Snapseed, though an old dog, still remains the crown of the jewel. It is a powerful app with a simple UI and versatile features. As all things Google, Snapseed is free to use and comes without any ads.

snapseed app by google

It supports RAW file format and offers as many as 29 tools to choose from including curves and white balance that is used and loved by selfie takers. All of these tools can be access from the bottom drawer. Snapseed is widely used and recommended by pro photographers around the world and rightly so.

Remember that Snapseed is for editing selfies and not taking them. It was built for a specific purpose. Google also offers a number of video tutorials on how to use the different filters and effects to get the desired results.

Download Snapseed

2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is not just a selfie camera app but an entire platform. There is a huge, think over 400 million strong, community of people who love sharing their selfies and photos online. You can sign up for free using Google/Facebook account.

picsart photo studio

Find and follow friends, go through your feeds, and choose from thousands of stickers, cliparts, and emojis for free. I liked the image remix feature which allows you to edit your selfies with your friends in a group. This is a good way to learn how others are editing their selfies or how they look so fab when they really don’t in real life!

There are live stickers and drawing tools to capture your imagination while clicking that perfect shareable selfie.

Download PicsArt Photo Studio

3. B612

Not sure why developers at Snow Inc. went with this name but there are a lot of copycats with typos like B912, Cam B612, and so on on the Play Store. What surprised me was that one of them had over 3500 reviews!

B612 is a selfie camera app that offers over 1500 stickers to choose from, plus there are AR stickers which are quickly picking up the pace. There are different filters to beautify your selfies.


Snapchat is known for its lenses, right? B612 will put it to shame.  In fact, it takes the best from every app like the boomerang from Instagram. There is also support for music and videos.

The layout is simple and intuitive. When you launch the app, it opens in selfie mode with the front camera on for a quick selfie. You know, when you think the moment is just right and might come to pass.

Download B612

4. Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary is another awesome selfie editing app for Android as it offers a number of tools to edit your selfies like vignette, brush, tilt-shift, blur, crop, color adjustments, and more. You might not know but it is owned by Adobe which is widely popular for its photoshop tool.

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There are also a lot of stickers and frames to choose from. The app is intuitive and relatively easy to use. You can create memes within the app using the draw and text tool.

photo editor by aviary

Aviary is less about stickers though and more about editing photos to make them look more awesome. In that sense, it falls somewhere between Snapseed and PicsArt, without the community though.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary

5. Airbrush

Airbrush made the list because it will truly help you take amazing selfies. As the name suggests, you can remove pimples and other spots on your face using the blemish and remover tools. There is also a particular tool that you can use to whiten your teeth. No need to brush them now, I guess.


Airbrush was built to help you not only take great looking selfies, but also remove all your defects. You know we live in a material world, right?

The app is free to download and use but does offer some in-app purchases that will unlock some additional filters and tools. The free version is ad-supported.

Download Airbrush

6. Photo Director

While Airbrush allows you to remove unwanted pimples and blackheads from your face, what about unwanted objects and people in your photos? Yes, this is why Photo Director makes the list. You can do this using the Content-Aware Removal tool. Not a name I like but it is what it does that matters.

photo director

Other than this, you will find a lot of useful selfie editing tools like skin tone, color saturation, blur and tilt-shift tools, overlays, and more. The app is free to download but some additional tools will have to be bought using in-app purchases.

Download Photo Director

7. Sweet Selfie

We went through a lot of good selfie and photo editing tools and apps here. After some time, they all sound the same. While most photo editing apps require you to work with tools, Sweet Selfie takes the hard work out of the game. You simply click a button and your selfie will be beautified.

sweet selfie

It comes with an auto beautify feature that will remove dark spots, pimples, and whatnot automagically without you having to figure which tool is used for what. Plus, it helps to know that they have a lot of unique stickers like tattoos, bands, and other fashionable accessories that you can use in your selfies before posting them on social media sites.

Download Sweet Selfie

8. InstaBeauty

Ladies, listen up, I mean read up! InstaBeauty wants to beautify your selfies instantly using more than 100 tools specifically built for this. There are a number of styles and makeup filters to choose from which you might not find in other photo editing apps.


In fact, there is a selfie editing tool for every part of your face like eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, and even eyebrows. It is like having a makeup kit at your disposal. Now, you don’t have to get all dressed up and ready before taking a selfie. InstaBeauty will do it for you.

Download InstaBeauty

Wrapping Up: Selfie Editing Apps for Android

Like I said, it is a  big industry and there are many apps to choose from but which one should you use depends on your needs.

Instabeauty is more suitable for girls who want to apply makeup effects to their selfies. Boys are, well, boys.

Snapseed is for serious photographers, amateurs or experts. Are you someone who makes a living on Instagram?

Photo Director will help you remove objects and even people from the images.

Airbrush and Sweet Selfie will help you remove blackheads, pimples and other objects from your face!

PicsArt will help you connect with a large community of like-minded people.

I think that if you like taking selfies, you will need to have more than one selfie editing app on your Android to make it work. Which ones are you using and why?

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