Top 5 Free Services send large files via email

Having problem sending big file to your friend ?  Well I have solutions. I have faced the similar problem while making my project where I have to send large files via email to my colleagues so, Here I am after lot of googling I have made a list .

The most common way of sending the file is attaching it with your email but the problem with that

  • Upload limit the famous email provider like gmail yahoo and Hotmail has 25 MB upload limit.
  • Type of file not all kind of file is supported in email attachment

Send Big Files via Email

Here you will find out TOP 5 Service to send large file to email without sign up just upload file & send your friend.


1. Wetransfer

With simple user interface this is one of the best free service provider to send file up to 2GB not only this you can also forward one email to many recipient.

This is secure file transfer provider.

send large files via email with Wetransfer

2. Filestofriends

Personally this is my favorite since I had been using it from a long time. Using this service you can send upto 1 GB without any registration.

send large files via email with Filestofriends

3. Dropsend

This also secure file service to send file to your friend up to 2GB and security of data is 256 AES Encryption

send large files via email using  Dropsend

4. Mailbigfile

Free service it provide Send up to 5 file  then each file maximum size 2GB

 send large files via email with Mailbigfile


5. Transferbigfiles

It is provide sending file & receiving file services up to 100mb for free user then free user not require any registration

send large files via email using Transferbigfiles

Which one is your favorite, did you like this list ? Or you have your own ? Let me know what you think via comments below.

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