How to Send Files Between Android TV and iPhone

by Kaushal

Here is an easy way to send music, photos, videos, etc from your iPhone to your Android TV. All you need is an active Wi-Fi connection and a free app installed on your Android TV. Let’s see how it works.

Send files from iPhone to Android TV

Turn on your Android TV, and head over to Google Play Store.

Google Play Store on Android TV


Search for the “WiFi File Explorer” app and install it on your TV. It’s free and well optimized for Android TV OS.

Once the download is finished, open the app. It would show you an IP address, provided that your Android TV is connected to a WiFi network. Keep the app open on your TV because we’d need to copy the IP address on the iPhone.

WiFi file transfer app on Android TV

Now, grab your iPhone, make sure it’s connected to the same WiFi network as your Android TV. Open the Safari browser and type in the IP address displayed on the TV and hit enter.

The Android TV app runs as a local server that allows you to access the files from the TV box. If you close the app, the connection will drop.

WiFi file transfer app on iPhone

You will see Android TV’s file tree with folders such as Downloads, DCIM etc. As the webpage is optimized for horizontal displays, zoom in on your iPhone to see the icons properly.

WiFi file transfer app on iPhone

To send a video file from the iPhone to Android TV, find and tap the Download folder on the webpage on the iPhone. You would find an upload box on the bottom right side, tap on it once to select the video, picture, or any kind of file you have from your iPhone storage.

WiFi file transfer app on iPhone

You can browse the Files app on your iPhone or the Photos app to find the content that you wish to send over to the Android TV. Simply tap the file to start the upload.

WiFi file transfer app on iPhone upload files

The speed is pretty decent since it’s on Wifi. A 1 GB video took like one or two minutes. Once the file is sent, you will see it in the folder directory itself.

WiFi file transfer app on iPhone upload files


The only drawback of Wifi File Explorer is that you can’t browse the File manager on Android TV itself and you would have to install another File Browser.

Open the Play Store app on your Android TV and search for “FX File Manager” and install it on your Android TV.

Open the FX File Manager, and go to the Downloads folder, and here you would find the file we transferred from the iPhone.

file manager app on Android tv

Send files from Android TV to iPhone

The setup also works the other way around and all you have to do is follow the steps below. Open the WiFi File Explorer app on your Android TV and make a note of the IP Address. Now, head over to your iPhone, and punch in the same IP address in the address bar of the Safari browser. The webpage would load and you can browse the files located on the Android TV.

Find the file that you wish to download on your iPhone and tap the checkbox to select a file. You can even download multiple files from here.

Send file from Android TV to iPhone

After you’ve selected all the files, tap the Download button on the top of the list to initiate the download.

Send file from Android TV to iPhone

Start the download and the files would be automatically saved to the Files app on your iPhone. You can access the files by browsing the Files app.

Send file from Android TV to iPhone

Final Words

This was a quick and easy way to transfer files between Android TV and the iPhone. The iPhone has become a lot less restrictive and that’s why we can initiate the transfer of files so easily. Let me know if you face any problems with this method either in the comments below or on Twitter.

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