Securely Send Large Files on the Internet

Are you looking for a way to transfer large files but want to keep it private at the same time?

Although it’s always better to pass the data personally, however it’s not an option. So here are is better ways to that.

Securely Send large files on the internet

Part 1: Encrypt the data

Start with encrypting the file with a password before sending it. WinZip or 7Zip can do this job decently. Make sure to choose a strong password though.

Part 2: Send files using BitTorrent Sync

Now once the file has been encrypted we need to a secure way to send it. And for this nothing does a better job than BitTorrent Sync.

transfer files securely

Unlike Dropbox, Google drive or any other online service, BitTorrent sync don’t store your data on company server. Instead, it uses peer-to-peer FTP to share the data. So your file will go directly from your system to the receiver system. No middle man involved.

BitTorrent Sync is available for all major platforms like Windows, iOS and Android, Mac and Linux

Part 3  Securely share a password 

Once the file has is sent, the recipient will need the password to unlock it. The best to share password is by speaking it i.e. either personally or phone. Avoid texting it. However, if verbal contact is not possible then try to break down in small parts and send them one by one.

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