How to Set Language of App Independent of iPhone Language

iOS 13 brought a lot of interesting features to the iPhone and one of that is the ability to set a separate language for each app. This feature works really well and every app can potentially have a different language without interfering with each other. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to the app of your choice. Tap the app to reveal its settings page. Here you will find preferred Language option on the bottom, tap Language to open the list of languages that you can set for this app.

Tap the language from the list and you’re done. If you open the app, it would show the Menu items in the local language.

Even though the language is switched instantly, but you will still see some elements in English. This happens because the content is sourced from another place. For example, I changed Google Pay to Hindi but the contacts still show up in English because the data is sourced from the Contacts app and the Contacts app is set to English. You can also reset the language back to English by simply repeating the steps and choosing English from the list. What do you think of this method? Does it make sense to change the language of an individual app on the iPhone? Let me know in the comments below.

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