Top 7 S*xting Apps For Your Steamy Text Sessions

In today’s world of instantaneous wants and limited time, people have generally moved on from phone-calls to texts, which saves a lot of time.

Sexting, in simple terms, means the sending or exchange of sexually explicit text messages or images by mobile phones or social networking platforms.

With moving times, couples have taken to sexting like fish to water, and therefore a need for such apps has been created.

So here are a few apps you can use to plan the next meet with your Netflix and chill partner, or you know, for sexting.

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Best Sexting Apps

1. Signal

Signal was previously known as TextSecure and lets you chat and make audio and video calls around the globe for free.

The app was launched three years ago and is highly lauded by security experts around the world, and even Edward Snowden recommends it, and the world’s leading cryptographers say that the quality of code makes them drool. All communication made via this application is encrypted end-to-end by default. This is possibly the most secure messenger available in the world.

Signal has really strong encryption support, and it is well designed and easy-to-use. It is open source as well, so its code has been checked many times, to critical acclaim.


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2. Between – Private Couples App

Between is an application which serves as a scrapbook for couples. The application claims to be the best at protecting your privacy while you share everything with each other.

Both the partners use the same login and password and can send each other sound clips and images, bookmark all of your favorite pictures of one another, and make important entries amongst other things. Normal features such chat, cloud sync and backup are also available.

The best part about this app is how it’s one app which does everything. You can keep your other messengers such as WhatsApp for the serious stuff, and let yourself loose on Between. This app is generally for serious couples, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sext using it.

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3. Kik

Kik, once upon a time known as BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) has changed its operations and turned itself into a different app after WhatsApp took over the globe.

Kik is a ‘normal’ messaging app, but it offers more than usual security and anonymity expected of such applications. Like most apps on this list, Kik also uses usernames and not phone numbers.

You don’t have to use your actual phone numbers to use this app, just basic usernames and you can send anything you want, images or videos, in a secure manner.


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4. Dust

Dust is basically Snapchat for all kinds of messages. Dust allows you to send text and picture messages which disappear automatically after 30 seconds.

All of the messages are stored in the RAM of the device, which is temporary, so that means that no data every is stored on the flash storage of the device, so no data can ever be stolen or taken advantage of.

The app gets its name from ‘leaving someone in the dust’. Dust is financed by the famous billionaire Mark Cuban, and according to him, Dust allows you to take greater control of your digital footprint in your personal life.

Link: Android | iOS | Website

5. Snapchat

If you think sexting, you probably think of Snapchat; It is the most used app for sexting, there is no getting around that fact. Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat started the sexting revolution, and that is continuing strongly to this date.

It’s a photo messaging application in which every single image you ever send self-destructs after an amount of time. You can choose the time, in seconds, and you can also see whether the image has been opened yet or not.

There are a lot of filters available for your images as well, and they keep rotating regularly as well to keep things fresh.

Snapchat doesn’t request to connect to your other social-networking applications, which means everything stays on this application exclusively, separate from your Facebook, Twitter and other platform personas.

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6. Wickr

Wickr advertises itself as if it were Snapchat for grown-ups. It offers both text chat and sending/receiving images, and also has support for self-destructing messages.

The designers of the app have designed it for both personal and business use, but sexting is where this app really shines as it has a patented encryption system, and it promises never to collect your data.

Wickr has multiple layers of encryption support, you can send messages with a time-bomb ticking for deletion, has support for screenshot recognition if the other party clicks screenshots, amongst other features.

Link: Android | iOS | Website

7. Telegram

Telegram resembles the UI of WhatsApp a lot, but under the hood, there are a lot of changes and differences. It uses your phone number to verify your credentials, but after that, you can use a username and stay anonymous if you wish to. People who have your phone numbers can find you on Telegram using it, but random people on the internet can’t. You can use Telegram on multiple devices at the same time as well.

Security provided by Telegram is also top-notch. If you’re in a group chat, random people can not see your phone number, so they can’t bother you unlike Telegram’s biggest competitor, Whatsapp.  You can even secure all the chats using a password.

Telegram supports everything a messaging app should; from text messages and pictures to video calls and voice calls. It also has support for custom stickers and emojis which is fun to use. If you want to sext, you can download sets of sexy stickers which you can send and receive as well.

All of this resembles a normal messaging app, but there’s a handy feature which makes Telegram perfect for Sexting; Secret Chats.

Secret chats are meant for people who care about secrecy, as all chats are end-to-end encrypted. Messages sent here can’t be forwarded to anyone else, nor can anyone else anywhere access them. You also get Screenshot detection support along with a self-destruct timer if you want to set for the messages. Unlike normal chat, secret chat messages are never stored in the cloud and can be only accessed from the user’s device.


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Wrapping up: Which is the best Sexting App for You?

There are a lot of options out there, and the best may vary person-to-person. These are some of the best sexting apps one can try, and you’ll find your desired requirements from one of them. Our personal choice here at TechWiser would be Telegram, as the number of features it has dwarves every other app out there.

Whichever app you are using, remember that screenshots and taking videos of apps still work, so to maintain your privacy and safety, maybe don’t send something don’t want the world to see.


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