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LifeProTip: Get Exclusive Discounts by not Completing Checkout

by Mrinal Saha
exclusive coupons

A Reddit user surfinonthejohn suggest a simple tip to get exclusive discount while you shop onlie. Start by adding the product in your cart and begin the checkout process, but don’t complete it. And in next few days, the website will mail you discount coupons to encourage sale.

exclusive coupons

This trick doesn’t work with leading e-commerce giants like Amazon or Flipkart, however many people confirm that it work well on apparel and small online stores. 

Folks over email industries has also confirm this anonymously. They said, companies send you series of email, when you don’t complete the checkout process. First mail is usually a reminder for incomplete checkout. If you show interest and click on the product link but still don’t buy it, then they will send you another email offering exclusive discount coupons.

However this LPT work completely opposite in some cases. For instance acc to the popular belief, flight and hotel booking raise the prices for returning customers. They do it, by tracking your computer’s cookies. So if you suspect such activity, delete your cookies or use a new incognito window.


When you shop online, don’t buy products at full price. From what I have learned, there are many ways to get discount. For instance you can do a quick Google search for coupons codes, use cashback websites, do comparison shopping, use price tracker. And off course try the above mention method to get exclusive coupons. 


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