4 Amazing Slow Motion Video Apps for Android to Record Life

iPhone and most flagship Android smartphone comes with slow motion video feature. But that’ doesn’t mean, you can not create those awesome slow motion video on budget Android smartphone. We scrounge the Play Store for you, and found these 4 amazing slow motion video apps for Android to record, and celebrate, life.

You can use these apps to record quirky dance moves, cool stunts, weird expressions, pranks, and just about anything else. Creativity is key here and if you are out of ideas, go watch something on YouTube for inspiration. Timing is of the essence here, so play around with these apps a little before you go for the kill.

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How slow motion video works?

Recording slow motion video is linked to the hardware capability of the camera lens.

Most high end smartphones that support slow motion video recording right out the box has an advance sensor that can capture 60 FPS (or even 120 FPS), meaning it capture 60 pictures in one seconds. In general it’s 4K at 30 FPS, 1080P at 60 FPS and 720P at 120 FPS.  More is the FPS, easier it’s for the software to create something even slower.

However, most budget Android smartphone can only record at 30 FPS. Therefore you need a third party camera app to get that slow motion affect. The way it works is, they stretch the single frame. Although, it’s important to understand the no slow motion video app allow you to record at 60 FPS on a smartphone that only support 30 FPS. For that you need a dedicated hardware. With that out of the way, here are some of the best slow motion video apps you should try.

Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

1. Slow Motion Video FX

One of the simplest Android apps for slow motion videos, Slow Motion Video FX comes with a bunch of features to make your job easier. There is a paid version of the app available if you want to remove ads, otherwise, the app works just fine. All features are available in the free version.


When you open the app, it will take you straight to your stock camera app. Shoot the video as you would normally do. When you are done, you can use the app to apply slow motion effects. Not only this, you can also use it to make the video move fast. You don’t have to record a new video as slow Motion Video FX will work with your existing videos too. You can directly share the video on Facebook and Instagram and see those likes pour in.

There is a trim option that you can use to apply the slow motion effect on a particular part of the video. The original video will remain as it is, so don’t worry about ruining it. There is a bar at the bottom you can slide to choose the beginning and end part to tell the app where to apply the slow motion effects. You can increase or decrease speeds by up to 5 times.

Verdict: The app is simple to use and does exactly what it says. If you love recording slow motion videos then I recommend upgrading to the paid version to remove ads for a better experience.

2. Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool

Alright, the name is really long and annoying when you share it with your friends. But the tool is really good and offers more options than Slow Motion Video FX does. The app is fairly simple to use. Open the app and start recording. When you are done recording the video, you can adjust the speed to make it go 8x fast or 1/8 slow. This is more than what we saw in the previous app.


In the same screen where you see speed options, you will also see “portion to change speed” and “trim video” options. You can use the former to select a particular part of the video to slow down and the later to trim the video to your liking. You can also choose existing videos to add effects to.

One additional feature available in Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool is the ability to choose output file type. Different file types have different storage demands, so if you are unsure, choose MP4 which is what I usually choose. It takes less space and offer high video quality.

After you done recording the video and adding slow motion effects, you can share it on your social media accounts. The app is ad supported and you can upgrade to the pro version to remove them.

Verdict: I liked the app because it is simple to use and comes with additional features like choosing file types and better control over playback speeds.

3. Coach’s Eye

This app was specifically built for people who are into sports and stunts. Whether you are an athlete or a coach, you need this app in your portfolio. What’s so special about this one?

For one, you can record two different videos, apply slow motion effects and then view them side by side to better understand that golf swing, basketball dribbling, soccer kick or golf swing. You can register up to 5 devices to get 2 GB of cloud storage. This will allow you to share video content with your player/coach instantly no matter the distance.


The app is ad supported but there is a premium plan with a monthly subscription for serious players. In the pro version, you get 150 GB of cloud storage, HD video recording, backup, and sharing, cross-platform licence, and a set of premium tools. Subscription starts at $5 per user/month.

You can highlight particular parts of the video with arrows, circles, etc. to help your teammates better understand what the discussion is all about. This small but effective drawing tool will help you improve your performance on the field in real time. It also comes with an audio recording feature so you can use it to record instructions and commentary in the video.

Additionally, it has all the usual features that I discussed above like choosing and applying slow motion effects, trimming videos and sharing it on social media sites.

Verdict: I recommend the app to all athletes, body-builders, coaches and pretty much everyone who is involved in sports. This app can help you improve your posture, stance, and overall skills.

4. Androvid Video Editor

One of the best and smartest slow motion video apps for Android, Androvid Video Editor is a full-fledged video editor that comes with a suite of tools.

You can apply slow motion effects to your existing or newly shot videos but that’s not all what this app is capable of. You can also apply Instagram style special effects like vintage, vignette, fade, and more. You can shoot or convert existing videos into other popular formats to save space. How cool would it be to watch your video in slow motion and in reverse mode at the same time?

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Other notable features include splitting, trimming, and joining videos, animated GIFs, voice recording, adding background music from your library, and text overlay messages.

Androvid is, by far, the most advanced video editing tool I have used and reviewed. The app is ad supported and some features like slow motion, fade effects are available in the pro version which costs $1.5.

Verdict: I recommend Androvid Video Editor for its robust set of tools and ease of use. The app is well worth the cost if you want one app to be able to do several things.

Wrapping Up: Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

I liked Slow Motion Video FX for its simplicity where you get what you want with no distractions. If you are looking for a more feature rich experience and want to show off your video editing skills, and why not, you should go for Androvid Video Editor.

Coach’s Eye app is an amazing niche app targeted towards coaches and athletes. You cannot miss this one if you are a sportsperson.

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