Solved: Not able to login to gmail in android

Q. Having trouble login to your Gmail in your android?

A.Yes, I am not able to login to my android even though I am entering right password.

Well first thing first, This is just a minor problem which can be solved very easily. I had the similar problem few day back and after searching for the answer, I was able to restore my access to my android.

 Q. So what it’s the problem then?

A. The problem is if you have enable 2 way verification by Google then the login password won’t work while you try to login to android. You will either need to disable the 2 way authentication or enter a Application specific Password.

Solved: Unable To Login to Gmail Account In Android

Although you don’t need a Gmail account for an android phone but you will need it for most of the Google applications at least to download app form Google play.

Before you go any further try this Clear your cache , reboot the phone and check for the network connection. Proceed only if you have turn on 2 way verification in your Google account.

Follow the simple steps

Open you computer browser and login to you Gmail account if you are not login,

login to gmail

Go to your account setting > security

Solved: Unable To Login to Gmail Account In Android

You will again need to enter your password to log in.

Security Centre - Account Settings - Google Chrome_2013-01-19_22-39-44

After login navigate to the bottom of the page, till you find heading Generate a new application-specific password enter any name then click on Generate Password.

My Account - Google Chrome_2013-01-19_22-35-15

Now back to you android and enter the 16 letter instead of your password. Once logged in you will never have to use that code again.

If you face any problem or just want to say thanks then let me know from the comments below and i will try to help you.

Watch this video on how to Troubleshoot Gmail login Problem

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