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8 Sources to Find Discord Servers to Join Today

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Find Discord Servers

Niche Discord servers are a great way to find and connect with like-minded people. There are Discord servers on almost all the topics like gaming, movies, dating, tech, pets, and more. It is super easy to find a server on the topic that you like but challenging to find a good server that is active on that specific topic. Fortunately, there are aggregators that will help discover new Discord servers.

Services to Find Discord Servers

There are two types of Discord services to find new communities. One where the server admins have to manually submit their server to the site. Second, categorize servers neatly by niche and other data points, making it easy to narrow or filter search results.

Let’s start with the first and most obvious way to search Discord servers.

1. Discord Discover Page

You can access the Discord Discover page by clicking on the Compass icon in the sidebar of Discord. Alternatively, you can also open this link to access the Discover page. As you have guessed, this is the official database of servers.

Discord Discover Page

Once you are on the Discover page, you can find popular servers on the Discover page itself. You can quickly use the categories to find servers related to gaming, music, education, entertainment, etc., or you can search for a specific server using the search box.

Once you find the server that you want to join, click on it which will open the server. If you like the server, click on the Join (Server name) button at the top to join in that specific server.

Joining in a Discord Server

Not all servers will be listed here. Servers that proved to have a safe environment, are at least 8 weeks old, and have a minimum of 1000 members might make it to the Discover page of Discord. Also, server admins sometimes decide to not showcase their server on the Discovery page. So, it’s optional.

2. Social Media

Another way to find a good Discord server is to check if your favorite creators or influencers have their own Discord server. That way, you can find a server that you already connect with and can be sure that you are going to like the community.

If the content creators have their own server, they will list it on their Social Media profiles. Check their bio on Instagram, about tab on YouTube, etc. Once you find the link to their server, click to Accept Invite on the next page to join the server.

3. Top.gg

Top.gg is famous for searching Discord bots. They also have a similar listing to find great Discord servers. Similar to the Discord Discover page, you can search for servers using categories or with the help of the search bar. You will find different niches here like fun, meme, anime, giveaway, etc. allowing you to filter by your interests and hobbies.

Top.gg website to find Discord Servers

Once you found the server that you would like to join, click on it to find the description and other details about the server like member count, ratings, bots they use, custom emotes they have, etc. To join, click on the Join this server button and then click on Accept Invite button to join the server.

Accepting the Invite to Discord Server

Also, you may not find every server available here as the server admins or moderators have to manually add their server here. One advantage is that there are no restrictions here like on the Discord Discover page. So you may find small servers with less than 1000 members which are too niche and obscure for Discord to list.

4. DiscordMe

DiscordMe is a server and bots listing service. Unlike Top.gg, DiscordMe concentrates more on servers than on the Bots. One advantage of DiscordMe when compared to other services on the list is the number of categories to choose from. You will find rare categories like crypto, investing, sports, programming, LGBT, fitness, hobbies, etc. which are otherwise difficult to find. Just open the Discord Me website, click on the Categories on the top left corner, and select the category name.

Categories option on Discord Me

Just like Top.gg, people have to manually enroll their server in order to appear here. As DiscordMe is one of the popular options, there are a lot of servers to choose from. Did I mention DiscordMe also has a Random server option which will suggest some of the best and most popular servers in no particular order?

5. Discord Street

If the sheer number of options available on previous services feels confusing, then try Discord Street. It has a clean UI with a list of popular servers on the home page and an option to search. One feature that makes Discord Street stand out is its sorting options. You can sort the search results by top, new, active, and many other useful parameters.

Discord Street homepage showing popular Discord Servers

6. Discord List

Discord is more famous in the gaming and crypto community. If you are looking for gaming-related servers, then nothing comes close to what Discord List offers. Though you can find all types of servers here, the categories are more centered towards gaming like FPS gaming, multiplayer gaming, racing, and more.

Discord List website listing 50,000 servers.

7. Discord Home

Discord Home takes a cue from Reddit and allows users to upvote servers. This helps others to know what the general consensus is. Discord Home also recommends servers related to the servers that you have upvoted. Just like Discord List, there are not as many servers on this service yet (at the time of writing this article).

Discord Home website homepage showing Server Categories

Along with servers, Discord Home also hosts emoji packs that you can use on your own Discord server.

8. DisBoard

DisBoard is just like other services on the list with one key difference which is reviews. While you can search for servers and categories like on other sites listed above, the ability to read, rate, and leave reviews for other servers adds an interesting touch. It gives you a feel of what other users actually think about the server as some servers often ban users for talking about topics that are not allowed.

Disboard website showing Servers and their reviews

Finding Discord Servers…

There are other Discord server aggregators to choose from, but these are really popular and have a larger library of servers to choose from. Also, all these services have a clean UI and an option to filter and learn about listed servers before joining them. Can’t find what you are looking for? Why not create your own Discord server?

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