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The Unethical Guide to Spy on Your Competitors Website

by Mrinal Saha
Spy on Your Competitors Website

Do you want to know more about their competitor’s website? like where are they hosting their website, how much traffic they are getting, which keywords they ranking for, or which Wordpress theme and plugins they are using etc etc.

Spy on Your Competitors Website

Although, you can always contact the webmaster with your queries, reply may not come immediately. But fortunately there are some free tools that we can use.

How to find where the website is hosted ?

If you are curious to know, where the website in question, is hosted then you can use free service called whoishostingthis. It revel details like hosting provider, ip address, name servers etc. However if the site is using CDN service like CloudFare services then it may not work accurately.

How to find out if the website is legit or fake ?

Suppose you came across a new website that is selling something you want, but since you have never use this site before you may be little skeptical about entering your credit cards details. Right !

So, in such situation, you can use scamadviser to check the website authenticity. This service rates the website between the score of 0 to 100 based on the metric like domain age, no. of times website is updated, Alexa ranking etc. More score means, safer website.

How to find which Wordpress theme a site is using ?

Many webmaster are now using Wordpress as CDN. So if you ever come across a website and wonder which Wordpress theme is it, then use wp-theme detector. This service revel name of Wordpress theme, which you further Google the name, to find its pricing, developer and where you can get it.

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Find out how much visitors a website is getting ?

Usually Advertise here page on the websites, can give you insight about website’s traffic, but if the page is not there or you want to recheck the stats then you can try following workaround-

Alexa ranking: Lesser the rank, popular is the website. Speaking from my experience a typical website having 100k Alexa rank may have around 50-80k monthly visitors. But since Alexa rank is determine by the no. of visitors having Alexa toolbar install in their browser, so it not always correct.

Advertisements:  General rule of thumbs says, if the website is new or using ad-networks like chitika, infolinks then it probably have less traffic but if the website is using adsense or direct advertisement from buy sell ads etc then it will have some decent traffic i.e. around 50k/monthly visitors or more.

Third party website like quantcast, compete.com, semrush etc can give you rough estimation but it only work for popular website located in USA. While testing low traffic sites on these websites, I often find the  results inaccurate.

How to find the owner contact info ?

The About Us page can give you good amount of information about the website owner. But if you do not find the information you need, then you can use whoistheowner or scam adviser to find out details like website owner’s name, address, and sometimes even contact no etc. To find out more about social profile of blog use popuri.us

Note: Prevent your contact information like email address and mobile no from going public, by using whois guard service.

How to find technical details about any website ?

If you wants to know more advance stuff like what plugin, frameworks, web hosting or advertising network,  then you can use builtwith or if you need to use it frequently then download this chrome plugin.

How to find what font a website is using ?

As a web developer, you probably know the importance of presentation and User’s Experience on your website. Right! And web fonts play a importance in this. So if you like fonts on any website and want to include it in your’s then you can use chrome extension called WhatFont to inspect the font’s details of any website.

Top Image modified from Pixabay.

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