A Quick Way to Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome

Everyone hates auto-playing video ads. And if you are like me, who browse the web with multiple tabs open, then it may take a while to detect which tab is auto-playing the video. Although, this detection is quicker, as chrome now show you small audio streaming icon, beside the favicon of the tab where media is playing.

auto-playing on google chorme

Since there is increase in no. of such ‘auto streaming video ads’ (even Adsense use them sometimes) it is important to take action against them. Off course ads are the main source of income for blogger like us, but still there are always ways to make money without annoying the visitors, for instance using text or image based ads. If video ads are necessary then advisor should add ‘click to play’ option.

disable auto-playing video ads on google chrome

Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome

So here is quick way of getting rid of them. From your Chrome setting > scroll down to the link which says Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Plug-ins > select ‘click to play’ radio button.

And that’s it. Now instead of auto playing video, you will see broken flash symbol, with an option of ‘click to play’.

 Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome

This workaround will stop all ‘video ads’ that uses Flash and not necessary the one that auto-play. But sometimes, flash is useful, for instance in YouTube or website that requires flash like Intel, or even when you want to check ads on your own website.

white-list flash disable in google chrome

Therefore to white-list particular website, go that website and click on small flash symbol on the top of chrome’s omnibox and then select the radio button which says always allow flash on this website.

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