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Easily stream videos from computer to Android [Video]

by Mrinal Saha

Today I going to share an awesome workaround that I use when I want to stream videos from computer to Android smartphones or tablet. There are many places around the house where you can’t take you laptop with you like toilet, kitchen or rooftop and you still need the watch videos from your PC hard drive.

stream videos from computer to Androidstream videos from your computer to android sharing folder on windows

Here are few reasons why I find this method useful over others.

  • You don’t need to copy files from your PC to your smartphone’s SD card.
  • No internet connection is required, especially if you are having limited internet connection at your home. This is also useful if you want to stream movie form your computer which are mostly not available online or play music from computer on android.
  • Some of you might be aware of apps like emit server which let you stream video from computer to you android smartphones. But since we don’t another additional apps on our smartphones we will try a completely different approach for this.

In this article we will be using ES file explorer app to stream music from computer to android. I believe that most of you might already have install this app as it quite popular file explorer.

So let get started.

First of all you will need 4 things for this to work.

  1. Your computer username, password and network IP address.
  2. Share the folder which contain the video.
  3. Your android and smartphones should be under same WiFi network.
  4. And lastly install ES file explorer on your android.

Step 1

Now to find the username and IP address you can use the %username% and ipconfig command on your command prompt. See the screenshot below. While the password will be the same, that you use while you login to your computer.

Easily Stream Videos from your PC to Android

Step 2

To make the folder (contains video) shareable right click on it > properties > share > add everyone to it.

stream videos from your computer to android sharing folder on windows


Step 3

Next you will need to have both smartphones and computer under same network. You don’t have to do anything if  are using router at your home but if don’t have it, then you can use free app called connectify installer for that. Just do a quick Google search and you will be able to install it easily.

Step 4

Now on your android open ES file explore and look for LAN option. Do a quick scan and you will see you computer’s IP address.Click on it and enter you login username and password.

stream videos from computer to Android

Now navigate to the video and play it.

If have face any problem then speak up using the comments below and I will try to solve it. Also let me know know if use any other way to stream from computer to android.

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