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How to Submit Your Podcast to Amazon Music

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Amazon Music is turning into a good alternative for many people to listen to podcasts thanks to the clean new user interface and free availability of Amazon Music to Prime members. But on other hand, many popular podcast hosting services like Anchor still haven’t enabled Amazon Music as a distribution platform. If you are using a hosting provider that doesn’t support Amazon Music, here’s how you can submit your podcast to Amazon Music and meet your new audience.

Submitting Podcast to Amazon Music

We are going to use Anchor to show how you can submit a podcast to Amazon Music. Yes, we just discussed how Anchor does not support submitting podcasts to Amazon Music. But, there is a workaround and Anchor is still a good solution. It supports a number of other podcasting platforms like Spotify. Unless you are Joe Rogan who has an exclusive deal, you may want to submit your podcast to multiple platforms and not just Amazon Music. This is why we recommend Anchor over Amazon’s own solution.

In fact, you can use any of the podcast hosting services provided they have an option to include your email ID in the RSS feed. It is mandatory as Amazon Music verifies your podcast through the email ID. Let’s see how Anchor works.

Using Anchor to Submit Podcast to Amazon Music

Let me introduce you to Anchor. It is one of the most popular podcast hosting services and is completely free.

1. First, open Anchor and sign in. If you do not have an account, click on Get started at the top right corner to create one.

Anchor Podcast Hosting Service Home Page

2. Now submit your details and click on Sign up.

Creating an Account in Anchor

3. Once you verified the email ID, scroll down and click on the Let’s do it button under Make your first episode.

making first episode on anchor

4. Here you can record, edit, add music transition effects, or upload your podcast if you have it recorded and ready.

Editing podcast in Anchor

5. Now, click on Save episode to start publishing to all supported platforms.

saving podcast episode in anchor

6. Give your podcast a name, description, scheduled publish date, episode art, etc. and click on Publish now at the top right corner.

publishing podcast on anchor

7. That’s it. Your podcast is published on Anchor. But we still need to publish it on Amazon Music.

podcast published on anchor

8. Now, come back to the dashboard by clicking on the Anchor logo at the top-left corner and complete the remaining setup process. This will help give a name to your podcast channel and also distribute your podcast to services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc. if you want to do so.

setting up podcast in anchor

9. To submit your podcast to Amazon Music, click on the Settings at the top-right corner.

opening anchor settings

10. Select the Distribution option in the pop-up menu.

select distribution settings in anchor

11. Here, you should find your RSS Feed URL. Copy it.

copying podcast's RSS Feed in Anchor

12. Before leaving the page, scroll down to the bottom and enable Display personal email address publicly in RSS Feed. You can only upload your podcast to Amazon Music if RSS Feed has a verified email address. Click on Save at the top right corner to save the changes.

Displaying persoanal email address in RSS Feed in Anchor

13. Now, open Amazon Podcasters Page and click on Get Started.

Amazon Podcasters Home Page

14. Log in to Amazon with the same email ID that you used in Anchor and is included in the RSS feed you just copied.

log-in with Amazon ID to amazon music

15. Paste the copied RSS feed and select the country that you are targeting. This will target your podcast to reach that country’s audience but this is optional. Now, click on Submit once completed.

Submitting RSS Feed to submit podcast on Amazon Music via Anchor

16. If you have enabled the Display personal email option, Amazon Music will proceed to confirm your podcast and email id. Now, accept the terms and click on the Confirm Email button.

confirming email to verify podcast on Amazon Music

17. Open the verification email and click on the Confirm Ownership button.

Verifing email for the submitted podcast

18. That’s it, you will get redirected to You’re all set page. Your podcast should be available on Amazon Music along with Audible within 24 hours.

Podcast uploaded to Amazon Music

You will be notified with an email once the podcast is uploaded.

Email confirming Podcast Uploaded on Amazon Music

Wrap Up: Submit Podcast to Amazon Music

Apart from Anchor, you can use other services like Castos, Buzzsprout, and Captative too that support Amazon Music as a distribution platform. But Anchor is a free alternative that gets the work done with a simple one-time set-up. And it supports other popular podcasting platforms too.

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