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How to Sync Local Files From Spotify Desktop To Any Device

by Pratik

Spotify lets you stream helluva soundtracks and hands down has one of the biggest music streaming playlists. But, it still misses out on a few Indie singles and artists. I also don’t find many regional songs of course due to legal issues. For these exceptions, Spotify provides you an option to stream local songs on the Spotify Desktop app. And in fact, you can even sync the playlist on to other devices in Spotify and enjoy the same songs on every device. So, here’s how to  Sync Local Files From Spotify desktop to any device. However, this is a paid feature and you need to be a premium Spotify user.

Sync Local Files From Spotify Desktop To Any Device

1. Firstly, you will need to attach the Music Playlist local folder on Spotify. Here, I am going to attach my local folder on Spotify Windows. To do that, go to your Spotify Account Settings.


2. In the Account Settings, scroll down to Local Files Section. To stream local files, you need to turn the slider on. Once that is done, you will see two default folder options – Downloads and Music Library. If you have your song and playlists in those folders, you can move to Step 5. Else, we will need to attach our folder. To attach a different local folder, click on “Add a Source”.


3. After you have clicked on “Add a source” button, you will see a small File Explorer window pop up. Browse to the song folder on your local machine. Select it and click OK to add the folder.

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4. Now once you have selected the folder, it should appear below the Local Files section. Make sure the slider is turned on else songs from that folder won’t be listed.

5. After you have attached the local folder, the songs will be available to stream on Spotify. To stream local songs, click on Local Files Library on the right-hand side. It should be present in the “Your Library” section.


6. Once you see your Local Files, we need to add them to a separate playlist. To do that, click on the 3 dots beside the songs. From the extended menu, move to “Add to Playlist”. An extended tray will display the existing playlist names, you can add to any of these. In case you have lots of local songs and want to stream them all, I would suggest creating a new Playlist. Here, I already have a playlist called Local Songs where I will be adding 3-4 local songs.


7. Once you have added all the desired songs to a playlist, now we can move to the other device. Like, suppose I want to stream the same songs on my Spotify mobile, I just have to download the playlist there. The only thing I have to take care of is that I am on the same Wi-Fi network as my laptop. Once you are connected on the same Wi-Fi network, go to the local songs playlist on the Spotify mobile app.

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8. After you have found the playlist, tap on it to open the playlist. You will see all the local songs within it but they will all be greyed. You cannot listen to them as of now. So, we have to download the playlist in order to stream those local songs. To do that, tap the three buttons on the top right corner and tap on Download.


This is just a one time process and needs to be done every time you add a new local song. Now that you have downloaded the songs, you can move on to a different network and still, you will have the playlist available. The best thing about this process is that the songs don’t take up much space. To be precise, if your download preference is set to normal, each song would take approx 2.8 MB where High will take 4.7MB per track and very high might take 9.4MB per track.


Closing Words

The thing which makes Spotify the best choice for music streaming is the enormous third-party app integration support. Also, the song recommendation on Spotify is the best I have experienced so far. If you are fairly new to Spotify, here’s our article on 10+ Spotify Tips and Tricks Every New User Should Know About.

For any queries regarding Spotify or Spotify tricks, let me know in the comments below.

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