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How to Stream Audio From PC to Android

I was watching a movie last night on the laptop and my wireless headphones decided to die. I didn’t want to wake anyone up by blasting the audio through the speakers and then it hit me. There should be a way to stream audio from pc to Android smartphone. Turns …

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How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Contacts

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messaging apps, you can instantly chat, share media, location, and documents. With all these features, WhatsApp would have been a perfect app but it has a little chink in its armor. You can’t send a WhatsApp message to strangers without saving their contact …

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10 Best Apps For Seniors Living Alone

Unlike Millennials, older folks have a hard time catching up to the technology. Most older people just don’t feel the need to include technology in their day to day lives, especially the smartphone. So how do we get them to use those apps or which apps to download? Well, I …

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Best Sex Education Apps For Adults and Teens Alike

sex education

Giving the talk to your children can be very awkward and at times damn unpredictable. Kids these days can come up with so many weird questions that you might run out of ways to answer them. That said, it’s still important to address these sex and puberty questions or else …

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Best Water Reminder Apps for Smartphone and Smartwatch

water reminder app

Seeing how fast and complicated our lives have become, we no longer remember to drink water and stay hydrated. In fact, we constantly ignore our body’s most basic need until we are dehydrating and feeling really thirsty. Waterlogging apps were made as a direct response to this growing problem. As …

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How to Transfer Files From Android to iPhone Without SHAREit

Sharing files between Android and iOS has always been difficult unless you are using apps like SHAREit, Zapya, and Xender. But there is one big problem with these apps, – Privacy. All of these Chinese apps are bloated to the point that I don’t feel like using them anymore. So, here …

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How to Predict Traffic on Google Maps for Android

Google Maps has plenty of features which enhance your driving experience. I keep discovering new features like inbuilt fare prediction, crash and speed trap reporting, and traffic prediction. My favorite is the real-time traffic prediction but there is a hidden feature which lets you predict traffic at a certain time. …

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6 Best Android Quick Settings Apps To Customize It Like A Pro

Quick Settings are one of the most accessed items on your Android. While iOS’ Control Center is still far ahead in design and ease of access, Android Quick Setting has a major advantage over customization. In this guide, I’ll show you how to customize quick settings in Android. Let’s begin. …

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