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6 Websites That Every Android Enthusiast Should Know


I often get asked in the YouTube comments, “How do I know so much about some apps or its developer?”. Now, while I’m no psychic, I do like to research a lot about an app I’m going to review in my next video. And there are some lesser know Android …

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Five Ways to Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

I use VLC player on both my Windows and MacBook, either case it has been a pretty stress-free experience for me, until now. A couple of days ago I came across a beautifully shot video only to realize that the video has been shot in portrait (damn these smartphones!) and …

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7 Best Anonymous Browsers for Android


Ads are becoming smarter every day. For instance, if you search for new earphones on Amazon today – you can expect related ads next time you open any social media site or any website for that matter. As good as it is to see relevant and useful ads have you …

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Top 7 Gallery Apps for Android

Gallery Apps for Android

While the stock gallery app provides some neat features, it doesn’t tick every box. Like — Hiding images and videos or even encrypting them using a password Automatic backup to a cloud storage Fingerprint Authentication Support for cloud storages, Chromecast and GIF etc. But first, what is a Stock Gallery …

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How to Connect USB Mic to Smartphone for Video Recording

Connect USB Mic to Smartphone for Video Recording

I recently did a live stream on YouTube with my Google pixel and it turns out, you can connect a USB mic like Blue Yeti with your Android smartphone. It only 30 sec. However, you’ll have to buy a connector like – USB-to-type C adapter or OTG cable. You can get …

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5 Ways To Record Calls on iPhone or Android

How to record a phone call

There are several reasons why you may want to record your phone calls –  Keeping records of important conversations with your clients Verbal evidence of something that happened Or simply dealing with shitty customer service So, here are all the possible ways to record to your phone calls on Android and …

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Download Any Videos on the Internet with Android Terminal

There are tons of online sites and Android apps, that let you download videos from the Internet. But how about we do this, with Android terminal (No ROOT required). Sounds geeky? Well, let’s see how to do it.  Related: 3 Ways to Loop YouTube Videos on Android and iOS Advantages No need …

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