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How to Backup Android Files, Apps, and App Data To Computer


When it comes to backing up Android smartphone, there are a ton of software, both free and paid, that makes backing up data as easy as possible. However, most backup software is quite bulky, comes with quite a few unnecessary features, and not that user-friendly. Not to mention, some software …

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17 Best Chromecast Apps For Android

So, you bought a new Chromecast. Great. Even though you can use the Google Home app to setup Screensavers, Clock, and Guest mode etc on your Chromecast; you can’t install apps on it like you can on Fire TV Stick, Roku or Apple TV. There are, however, plenty of apps …

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9 Lightroom Mobile Tips And Tricks To Use It Like A Pro


Lightroom is hands down, the best mobile editing app for professionals. It provides you with lots of powerful tools like HSL tab, Selective edits, Healing, Masking and much more. But using it on a smartphone is not the same as using it on the desktop. Firstly, it’s not very intuitive …

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How to Play PC Games on Android

We all love playing PUBG, and Fortnite on our smartphones, and to be honest, these games perform decently. However, the mobile counterparts to the PC games don’t even come close in terms of graphics, frame rate, and the overall experience. Or say, you want to play your Steam games from …

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Rabb.it Alternatives: Watch Movies Together With Remote Friends


Rabb.it is a popular app to watch movies and music together with your long distance friend. It not only supports numerous platforms like YouTube, Netflix but also available for both Desktop and mobile. However, it does have its fair share of problems. Rabb.it requires registration which takes away the anonymity. …

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Best Travel Management Apps For Android and iOS


Safely traveling anywhere requires a lot of planning and coordination. Juggling flights, hotels, restaurants can be tiresome. Fortunately, there are multiple apps available to help remove the stress of planning from your trips. Here is a list of apps that will help you to plan your trips effortlessly. These apps …

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7 Best Offline QR Code Generator for Windows, Mac, Android, And iOS

QR code

From being developed for the automotive industry to being posted on billboards as smart advertising, QR codes have gone mainstream. Considering the information stored QR codes exceeds barcodes by one whole dimension, QR codes are used to share links, passwords, and even confidential information like bitcoin public keys. There are …

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14 Best Games To Help You Fall Asleep

Sleepless nights? We’ve all been there and no matter how many times you change the positions or grab a glass of water, you can‘t just shut those peepers. I can say that from personal experience of browsing Reddit at 1 AM doesn’t help either. While playing some games can give …

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Best Group Bill Splitting App For Android and iOS

split bill

Whether you are living with your significant other, going for a weekend getaway with your friends or dining out with your office buddies. Having an expense tracker provides an easy way to split expenses. However, not all bill splitting apps are made equal, some are better suited for splitting bills with roommates …

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Top Instagram Feed Planner App For Android And iOS

Instagram Feed Planner App

Managing Instagram is not easy these days. You not only have to come up with creative photos but also have to take care of scheduling those pictures and make sure your profile looks consistent. While the official Instagram app doesn’t let you swap your uploads. Thankfully, you can use third-party …

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