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How to Create Custom Google Now Commands with Tasker

Ok google

Google now, is a personal voice assistance for Android, like Siri is for iOS and Cortana is for Windows. You ask them a question, and they’ll reply with an answer. Plain and Simple. I use Google now all the time. Sometimes, it’s a mere command like, ‘Ok Google, set an …

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How to Get rid of System Update Notification on Android

Android 5.1 system updates available

So I just bought a Nexus 6. And hey, since it’s a nexus device I rooted it the next day itself. Everything went smoothly for few days and then I got this notification — ‘Android 5.0.1 System Update Available' Who will not update? Now even though updates are always welcome, …

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How to Play old Retro Games (like Mario) on Android

play super mario on Android

Do you want to relive your childhood memory? Do you want to play your favorite retro games (like Super Mario, Contra, Pokemon etc) on your Android phone or tablet? Well, the good news is– you can But why would anyone play those old 8-bit games, when the newer ones are way …

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Use Your Android as Surveillance Camera


Do you know, you can use your Android as a surveillance camera. How? Your phone’s camera will capture the footage and then send it your computer using some software. I know it sound geeky but trust me. it’s a lot easier than it sound. All you need to do is …

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Useful Android Apps for Indian users

10 userful android apps for indians

Meet the hidden gems of Android. #1 Whats-on-India discover exciting tv shows or movies that are being played in different Indian channels. It also shows you the schedule of future programs up to one week. #2 HealthifyMe keep your body fit by tracking your calories intake. The only health app with …

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How to add business email to Android

How to add business email to Android

Do you have a business email that you will like to access from your Android? Are you looking for a way to set up your work email (like mrinal@receivetipstricks.com) on your Android? Recently Prashant asked me the same question on YouTube and I promised him the solution. So here it’s. …

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Better Replacement Apps for Android (Table)

Best replacement apps for Android

Your new Android comes with dozens of pre-install apps. Some of them are useful while some of them are just bloatware (I am looking at you Samsung) People often don’t realize that there are better alternatives to these stock pre-install apps. For instance, you can replace Google maps with Here …

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Some Clever Use of Your Old Android Phone

Android cup cake

Do you have an old Android laying around your house? Or are you planning to buy a new one? Whatever be the case, you will have to deal with your old Android phone. Of course selling it is not an option these days. Nobody buys a used device. In most …

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10 More Tasker Profiles for Beginners (Part 2/3)

useful Tasker Profile

Tasker is a powerful automation app. But, it does come with a steep learning curve. Beginners often find it little overwhelmed.  But trust me, it’s not as complicated as you think. Once you get the basics right, you can make it work for you. We have talked about some simple tasker profile before. And in this post, we will see …

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