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Top 15 ADB Commands Every Android User Should Know (PDF)

ADB Commands

Android Debug Bridge or better known as ADB is a powerful and versatile tool that lets you do a lot of things like pulling out logs, installing and uninstalling apps, transferring files, rooting and flashing custom ROMs, creating device backups, etc. In fact, most of the advanced Android tutorials and how-to …

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4 Ways to Open Command Prompt Effectively

Few years back, when I got my personal computer, cmd was the first thing to grab my attention. I used to search for all cmd tips and tricks and later show them to my friends, thinking they would be impressed. Now, I don’t know if they were surprised or not, but …

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Test Internet Connection Speed Using Ping Command

test your internet speed with speedtest.net

Looking for a quick way to test your network speed? Well, you can always use service like speedtest. Their results are accurate. However, most advanced users prefer Ping command. Why use ping? Well, it’s quick, platform independent, works even on a slow internet connection, and it can reveal some useful information …

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How to fix grub rescue error with Fixmbr Command

Want to know how to fix grub rescue error with the help of single command? All you need is Windows installation or recovery disk. If you haven’t made it, you can use Hiren’s boot CD. (download link) Error Shown Unknown Filesystem Grub Rescue How It May Happen There are many reasons, but …

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Top 6 Useful DOS Commands That You Should Know

useful dos commands

There are unlimited possibilities to cmd can be used, but to keep things simple in this post we will focus on six useful dos commands which I believe every one of us should know about. 1. Systeminfo As the name suggests this command gives you everything you need to know about the …

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How To Hide Hard Drive Partitions using cmd

How many times do you feel the need to hide your drives, partition or secure our official documents from the other users. In this tutorial, I will show you how we can hide our drive(s) using cmd, no third party sofware needed. Well, it’s simply done with the help of …

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