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(Infographic) 15 funny slogans that will definitely make you laugh

Advertisement has come long way since last few decades. Some companies sales depends entirely on advertisement (like Coco Cola) while others (like WhatsApp) don’t spend a dime on it. But most advertising are often overrated. There is always little less truth than what the company claims in to be. But what if these companies …

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10 funny Websites List to Kill Boredom

Monoface funny websites

Getting Bored !! But Don’t want to waste your time on Facebook, twitter or any social networking sites. Then you have come to right place, In this article I have made a list of 10 funny Websites List to Kill Boredom. 1. Help drunken man The objective of this game is to …

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5 Funny Computer Pranks to Impress Your Friends

cool idea

Looking for some funny computer pranks? Well here are some simple tips and tricks to trick your friend. All you need is a couple of minutes alone with your friend’s laptop. So, let’s get started.  1. Where Are My Icons? This computer prank is pretty old school. but works every …

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10 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook

do not do this

The never ending debate of what’s wrong and what’s not wrong (since, nobody cares about what’s right) continues to baffle the realms of Facebook. Nobody cares if you’re a skinny, toothless bastard in real life but if you’ve gotta Bradley Cooper display pic, more than 2100 friends and you post funny stuff, you’re …

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