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How to Print Email From Gmail Without Header


The most tedious task is to print Gmail Threads & Conversations. Even if you manage to somehow get them in a single page, the next thing is to get rid of the Gmail Logo. The Gmail logo and header don’t look pretty. It’s also informal when you send the prints …

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25+ Best Microsoft Edge Extensions Inspired From Chrome (2019)


Finally, after months of rumors of Microsoft Edge shifting to Chromium. We have a testing build of the software. It is available for everyone to download and provide feedback. Chromium is an open source version of Google Chrome browser and you can basically download and build your own browser on …

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8 Best Free and Paid Time Tracking Chrome Extensions

time tracking

Tracking time is one of the most effective ways to be productive and accountable. It allows you to understand and then evaluate where all your time is disappearing. The more you use an app or an extension to track time, the better a picture it paints. You also learn about …

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How to Check if Your Login Credentials Were Compromised

Every month we get reports of thousands of accounts being compromised. We often wondered if it was ours? You shouldn’t have to wait for an error screen on the login page to confirm that. Password Checkup is the latest attempt by Google to fix this. It tries to match your username and …

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Log Out of Multiple Websites at Once

social media icon

Logging out of most websites is easy, just look for the ‘Sign Out‘ option on the site. However, the same task becomes quite boring if you want to log out of multiple websites such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon etc. At times it is unnecessary but owing to security concerns …

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20 Best Chrome Extensions For Students

google chorme

Whether you are in school or college, chances are you are spending a lot of time using Google Chrome browser. So, why not go one step ahead and use it effectively. And that’s where Chrome Extension comes in. These are light-weight addons that you can add to your browser to …

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15+ Best Gmail Chrome Extensions (2018)

Gmail has a wide range of features and has improved email organization in the recent years with the addition of categories and various other customizations. However, there’s always room for productivity and Gmail is on the top of that list. Fortunately, there are many Chrome extensions available for Gmail that …

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5 Best Google Extensions to Stop Video From Auto Playing


You open a link in a new tab and before you can even go and start reading it, you are frightened by the sudden blast of sound from that auto playing video. Sadly, more and more websites are choosing to autoplay their videos as soon as you open their page. In …

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Adblock Plus vs uBlock Origin | Which one to Choose?


In the past few years, the topic of using ad-blockers or not has become a big topic of discussion. There are arguments both for and against using Adblocker. Some websites provide quality content with non-intrusive ads while there are other sites that have so many obstructive ads that it’s practically …

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