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5 Best Google Extensions to Stop Video From Auto Playing


You open a link in a new tab and before you can even go and start reading it, you are frightened by the sudden blast of sound from that auto playing video. Sadly, more and more websites are choosing to autoplay their videos as soon as you open their page. In …

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MailTag: Real-time Email Tracking, Made Easy

mailtag chrome extension

Should I send an email? Should I call? I prefer emails over phone calls as I can write way better than I can talk, also with emails it’s much easier to keep track of your conversation. But one thing that emails lack over phone calls is that there is no way to confirm if …

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Top Google Chrome Extensions for Privacy


Google Chrome is one of the most downloaded browsers for desktops and being an inbuilt app on Android, makes it the most popular browsers overall. The major USP of Google is providing all its services essentially free of cost, which has helped it achieve its eye-whopping market share. But, all …

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10 Best Google Chrome VPN Extension

In this privacy invasive world of internet, VPN is your best defense to keep your activity anonymous and safe. There are many VPN services available, but it can be a little tricky to find the right one for your needs. Each VPN service has servers in different countries, offer different …

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5 Extension to Temporary Block Websites on Google Chrome


The internet is filled with all kind of distractions – Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, 9GAG, StumbleUpon, just to name a few. It can be extremely hard to focus on your work when you frequently get the itch to check what’s new in your Facebook News Feed or check the latest …

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Automatically Copy Selected Text to Clipboard [Chrome]


I do most of my work on the browser. And one thing I have noticed so far is, I usually select text in the browser when I want to copy paste it somewhere. The traditional way of copying text in the clipboard is tedious. First, we highlight the text, next right-click …

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How To Restore Closed Tabs After Quitting Chrome

Restore Closed Tabs on Chrome

Accidentally closed chrome browser? Lost all your open tabs? There is no confirmation alert before closing Chrome windows. And admit it, there are times when we accidentally quit the Chrome browser. So what can you do next? Well, worry not, there are some easy ways to reopen all the closed …

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Hide/Unhide Extension Icons From Chrome Toolbar

UnHide Chrome Extension Icons

When you install a new chrome extension, its icon automatically appears in the toolbar. This feature is useful when you want to access the extension with a single click quickly. But there are many extension (like Adblock, LastPass, etc.in order to) where you don’t have to use them. They simply run …

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How to make a Chrome Extension (with Video)

open multiple websites chrome extension screenshot

Recently, I published- Open Multiple Websites, a simple chrome extension that opens all your favourite websites with a single click. And surprising making a chrome extension is easier than I thought. All you need is basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript. Google has a detail documentation on how to build a chrome extension from …

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A Quick Way to Upload Pictures on the Web

Upload pictures without downloading it on your computer

Let say you want to upload pictures to Facebook, from the web. So the traditional way to do that is, first download the images on the computer and then upload it. Right? But if you are Chrome user, then there is a quicker way to do that. Follow the steps: …

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