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5 Best Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You Like Google


Google Search is hands down the best search engine to get accurate results. However, it always tracks your activity and creates a profile of you to cater ads and search results. If you extensively use Google services, then Google knows who you are, your name, your interest, age, gender, phone …

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10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Now On Tap


Over the past few months, Google Now has become a bigger and bigger part of Android. Let me give you a timeline – in the beginning; Google Now was just a search box at the top of your Android Home Screen. In Android 4.1 Jellybean, Google Now started providing basic …

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Useful Google URLs and Services

less know google links

There are many Google services. Some of them we use daily (like Gmail and YouTube etc. ) while there are other that we don’t even know if it exists. So here is a complete list of some of those less know, yet useful Google services. #1 Google alerts Get automatic alerts on …

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Forget to log out of your Google account! What next ?

What to do when you forget to log out of Google account

Everyone has Google account. And there is no reason, why not to have one. It’s needed to enjoy; Google based services like Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. And it goes without saying that, how important it’s to secure one’s Google account. It’s always a good to have a complex password, …

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Effectively use Google Search While Traveling


Are you planning your next vacation? Or looking forward to exploring new places? Or do you often travel for businesses? If an answer to any of these question is yes, then read along. Google is the king of search. And I am sure you already use many Google products. Like Google search, Maps, Translate, …

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What happen to Facebook, Twitter, Google account after you die

social media accounts

With rise in digital media the online profile has become as important as your real world identity.But have you ever wonder what happen to Facebook , Google + , Twitter and email accounts if someone passed out. Since nobody have your passwords they tends to live even after you die. …

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