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How to Chat in Google Docs and Why You Should

google docs

Google Docs is a very popular word processor. It forever changed the way people write, take notes, and collaborate on a single document. Microsoft Word was always there but in a very limited fashion. Plus, it was never free. Google offers its office suite of apps for free. What’s more? …

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How to Completely Remove All Google Apps From Android

Google Android

Let’s be honest, Google is awesome. It offers the best app and services for free. But there’s also no denying that nothing comes for free. If you are using a free service, you pay for it either by watching ads or with your data. So, when I decided to stop Google …

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6 Best Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You Like Google

duck-duck go

Majority of the Internet uses Google for their searches and we know what’s wrong with that. Annoying ads, tracking your searches, filter bubbling, search leakage, and even profiling you. I mean that’s a concern and to add to it, Google only shows you 4% of the entire Internet. So, you lose data …

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Chrome vs. Samsung Internet Browser: Which Should Be Your Android Browser

chrome vs samsung internet

Samsung Internet Browser recently made history when it crossed the 1 billion downloads milestone on the Play Store. This is more than the combined downloads of Opera and Firefox browsers for Android. The competition between Samsung Internet Browser and Google Chrome seems to have intensified. For most users, Google Chrome …

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Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 3: The Ultimate Showdown

Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 3

Amazon just released the third generation of its smart speaker Echo Dot. Now, my mother was confused deciding which one to buy and I believe there would be plenty of people who would want to know which is better, Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 3? If you’re also …

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How I Remove my Picture from Google in Less than 5 Minutes


So here is the problem. I run a YouTube channel (no, that’s not the problem) instead, Google index the video thumbnails and link it with my name. So, if somebody searches for ‘Mrinal Saha’ on Google Image search, all they see is my YouTube thumbnail – which to be honest, …

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How to Customize Google Homepage With Your Name and Picture

Google is the first thing most people open every time they browse the Internet and just like our office desks, we’d want something to customize Google homepage and make it more personal. Google homepage is one of the fastest loading search engine pages thanks to its minimalistic design but it can …

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