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8 Best Android Apps to Gain Weight the Healthy Way


While there are a lot of weight loss apps available on the Play Store, there are very few apps that are dedicated to gaining weight. Now, I am aware of the global obesity epidemic and how people are suffering from weight and body image issues. But losing weight is not …

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Best Water Reminder Apps for Smartphone and Smartwatch

water reminder app

Seeing how fast and complicated our lives have become, we no longer remember to drink water and stay hydrated. In fact, we constantly ignore our body’s most basic need until we are dehydrating and feeling really thirsty. Waterlogging apps were made as a direct response to this growing problem. As …

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5 Best Bodybuilding Apps for Android to Help You Train


I started working out about 8 months ago, and like every other beginner out there, I found it extremely hard to continue. Bodybuilding is harder than it looks and while the trainer is there to help you, he is not always available when you need him. You are not the …

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Workercise: Exercises To Do At Work While Working On PC


Researchers have shown that people having desk job may live up to 5 years less as compared to people with field job. [source] Sitting down and starting your computer for straight eight hours may earn you some extra bucks but will slack off your health. Exercise is an important part of …

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How to reduce eye strain while using computer

reduce eye strain

Working long hours on computer could  be fun, but if your work involves too much interaction with the computer screen then you are most likely to experienced eye strain, wet eyes and even headache. Recently I have gone to same phase when I have to work for 8-10 hours in front of  computer screen and when …

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