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The Unethical Guide to Spy on Your Competitors Website

Spy on Your Competitors Website

Do you want to know more about their competitor’s website? like where are they hosting their website, how much traffic they are getting, which keywords they ranking for, or which WordPress theme and plugins they are using etc etc. Although, you can always contact the webmaster with your queries, reply may not …

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How to Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Net banking is cool, but at the same time, you should use it carefully. If your login credentials fall into wrong hand, you are doomed. With that in mind, banks make the password recovery process a little more challenging, than usual. That’s you don’t get ‘new password link’ in your email like …

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3 Simple Ways To Download Facebook Videos

How to Download Facebook videos

So you wants to download videos from Facebook. But don’t know how. Right? If video you want to download is hosted on YouTube then you can use this for Android. But off course this won’t work for the videos hosted on Facebook. Luckily there are handful of apps/ website that lets you download Facebook videos. So …

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How to Download Photos From Facebook Page (Video)

There are many web apps and browser extension to bulk download Facebook album of you or your friends. But fortunately or unfortunately, there is no guide which tells you how to download photos from Facebook page. Off course you can download the images one by one by right clicking on those photos but this …

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Use Project Naptha to Copy and Edit Text Inside Images

project naptcha copy and edit text on the images

So finally we have an online tool or better called it chrome extension that can copy, erased or even change & translate text present inside an image. Even tough there are tools like GT text and OneNote that can copy the text from images, but they still lack the support to edit or translate …

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How To Transfer Contacts From Nokia To Android

easy way to transfer contacts from nokia to android

According to Wikipedia Android occupies 80% of market share, which means 8 out of every 10 smartphone in the market is now Android. This also suggest that people are leaving their old humble phones and upgrading to smartphones. And the most common question these people has is how to transfer contacts from …

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Fastest Way To Save Images From Internet

Downloading images from the internet to our hard drive is something very common. The traditional way of downloading images from the internet is quite tedious process, you have to right-click on the image > select save as option > a pop up box will appear, confirm the downloading by clicking …

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5 Brilliant Tips For Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

Tips For Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

People often try to imitate Steve jobs’s or Ted talk’s presentations. But have you ever wonder; you don’t need to give presentation like them in the first place. Yes, you are not running a multi-billion company neither you are going to address millions of audience, Right ! then why copying …

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6 Ways To Block Adult Content on Android (With Video)

Block Porn on Android

As technology is evolving every day, many teenagers (and even adults) are getting easy access to the internet on their smartphones. And once they have access to the web, they are open to all sought of things — good, bad or even porn. Studies have confirmed, positive correlation between children’s exposure to pornography …

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10 Best Tasker Profiles for Beginners (Part 1/3)

useful Tasker Profile

Everyone who enjoys Android should use Tasker. At least once! Now for those of you, who don’t know what Tasker is, well it’s an Android automation app that can automate almost anything on your Android. For instance; it can send you an emergency text to your significant others before you battery …

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