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How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Contacts

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messaging apps, you can instantly chat, share media, location, and documents. With all these features, WhatsApp would have been a perfect app but it has a little chink in its armor. You can’t send a WhatsApp message to strangers without saving their contact …

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10 Best Apps For Seniors Living Alone

Unlike Millennials, older folks have a hard time catching up to the technology. Most older people just don’t feel the need to include technology in their day to day lives, especially the smartphone. So how do we get them to use those apps or which apps to download? Well, I …

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iPhone Xs Max Tips And Tricks You Probably Aren’t Using

iPhone Xs Max - Techwiser

The first thing you probably learn in iPhone X series is the new gesture controls. You might know the basic gestures and a couple of extra features by now, like sliding the bottom edge of the screen to switch between recent apps (hope you knew that!). We won’t trouble you …

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How To Enable Touch ID and Face ID on WhatsApp

WhatsApp conversations are secured with an end to end encryption and but what if you leave your phone unlocked? Anyone can just snoop in on your private texts and conversations. WhatsApp finally decided to roll out an update and you can secure your conversations with Apple’s Touch ID on iPhone …

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Best Water Reminder Apps for Smartphone and Smartwatch

water reminder app

Seeing how fast and complicated our lives have become, we no longer remember to drink water and stay hydrated. In fact, we constantly ignore our body’s most basic need until we are dehydrating and feeling really thirsty. Waterlogging apps were made as a direct response to this growing problem. As …

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How to Transfer Files From Android to iPhone Without SHAREit

Sharing files between Android and iOS has always been difficult unless you are using apps like SHAREit, Zapya, and Xender. But there is one big problem with these apps, – Privacy. All of these Chinese apps are bloated to the point that I don’t feel like using them anymore. So, here …

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9 Lightroom Mobile Tips And Tricks To Use It Like A Pro


Lightroom is hands down, the best mobile editing app for professionals. It provides you with lots of powerful tools like HSL tab, Selective edits, Healing, Masking and much more. But using it on a smartphone is not the same as using it on the desktop. Firstly, it’s not very intuitive …

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Best Travel Management Apps For Android and iOS


Safely traveling anywhere requires a lot of planning and coordination. Juggling flights, hotels, restaurants can be tiresome. Fortunately, there are multiple apps available to help remove the stress of planning from your trips. Here is a list of apps that will help you to plan your trips effortlessly. These apps …

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7 Best Offline QR Code Generator for Windows, Mac, Android, And iOS

QR code

From being developed for the automotive industry to being posted on billboards as smart advertising, QR codes have gone mainstream. Considering the information stored QR codes exceeds barcodes by one whole dimension, QR codes are used to share links, passwords, and even confidential information like bitcoin public keys. There are …

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