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How To Password Protect Email on iPhone and iPad

iphone and mac

Unlike WhatsApp, you still can’t lock the native Mail or Gmail app on iOS. Sure, you can use the new screen-time restrictions to lock your Email apps. But then it doesn’t exactly lock the app but completely hides it, which is a bit annoying. Why can’t we simply put a …

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7 Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad To Try in 2019


Whether you are practicing your presentation or making YouTube videos, having a teleprompter next to your camera can significantly boost your video production quality. Now, you can always buy a budget teleprompter from Amazon but you would still need a smartphone or a tablet. If you have an old iPad lying …

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Best SSH clients for iOS To Manages Remote Servers

iPad SSH Client

There are a lot of SSH client apps for iPhone and iPad but not all of them work as expected. Some are free while some are paid and all of them perform the basic function of connecting to an SSH server. But the user requirements differ from just engaging the …

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How to Remove MDM Profiles From iPhone and iPad

Ever stuck with app’s settings haunting you even though you deleted the app form your iPhone? Since you’ve reached this, I’m guessing you have either deleted an app on your iPhone but its effects are still bugging you or you have an iOS device that comes pre locked with MDM (Mobile …

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How to Get Two Different Apple IDs On iPhone


Apple now allows you to change your Apple ID to any country in the App Store. This is especially useful if you are a businessman or an expat, who travel between different countries. But while doing so, you always end up losing the sync between your other Apple devices. For instance, …

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5 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

parental control iphone

Why do you need parental control apps for your smartphones? Why does your kid need to have access to a smartphone or a tablet at all? Well, you can’t always tell your five-year-old kid to go play outside when you’re tired. And you cannot, for sure, tell your 12-year-old to …

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Best AR Apps For iPhone Xs Max

AR feature

Smartphones can do so much more nowadays that soon we might have to rename the device altogether. We get to see a new tech in smartphones every year. Augmented Reality being a recent one. You might have been playing Pokemon-Go for a while now and kids must be enjoying some …

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8 Best iPad Keyboard Apps To Get Extra Features


The stock keyboard app on your iPad comes with many amazing features like flick gestures, multi-touch shift support, and the recently released ‘long press to move cursor’ etc. However, if you are coming from Android, you might miss the useful features such as swipe typing, GIF and gesture supports etc. …

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8 Best PDF Reader for iPad and iPhone (2018)


Whether you are an avid reader or a company professional who constantly finds themselves on the move, PDF reader is a must for you. PDF is a universal format and widely used by eBook writers and companies alike. And why not? They are portable, easy to make, and even easier …

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