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Make your Devices Read Out Text, With Text to Speech


I read a lot of articles every day, but sometimes, I prefer listening to them instead. This way is quicker, put less strain on eyes, and you can do it anywhere. For instance, I often listen to my saved articles on Pocket, before going to bed. Similarly, if you are a …

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Where to find Paid Android Apps on Sale


Everyone love discounts. Remember, when the nova launcher prime was sold for 10 cents. Or when Cerberus- the popular anti-theft app for Android, was giving away free lifetime licenses to the early birds. So, do you often miss deals like that? Earlier, before buying a paid app, I used to …

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Make A DIY Cable Management Holder

diy cable management holder

Nowadays, it’s quite common to see bunch of cables lying around the house, the list includes — earphones, ethernet cables, HDMI cables, power cables, USB cables etc etc. And since cable management is always in our least priority, we are always left with nest of cables lying in our shelf. …

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Take Professional Product Photos with your Smartphone

Take professinal photos with smartphones camera

While shopping online, have you ever noticed that most product’s pictures are in a white background? This white background not only make the image look more professional but also helps to bring the focus to the actual product. So next time you sell something on eBay or olx, make sure you use …

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Do Pushups after Waking up in the Morning – LifeHack

do pushups

Exercise is good for health. Everyone knows that. But most of us do not have enough time to hit the gym. Or let just say we are lazy. So, if you find yourself in the same boat then follow this LifeProTip. Do Push-ups just after you get up from your bed. There …

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Follow This Simple Trick To Convince Others

How to convince others

Nobody cares, how intelligent you are! If you fail to convince others, it of no use. The art of convincing others to do something for you is one such quality that every growth hacker must have. And the good new is, anyone can learn this art of convincing others with the …

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Workercise: Exercises To Do At Work While Working On PC


Researchers have shown that people having desk job may live up to 5 years less as compared to people with field job. [source] Sitting down and starting your computer for straight eight hours may earn you some extra bucks but will slack off your health. Exercise is an important part of …

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Lifehack: Get Rid Of Extra Cables At Your Home

Coiling a USB power cord

Remember the old telephone wires? What so special about them, you may ask. Well, I am particularity interested in their coil wires. Even tough they are short, they can be stretched to three four times of their original length. But Wouldn’t it be cool, if we can coil regular USB wire …

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Working Late Nights on Computer? Try Flux

night no sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Researchers have proofed, working late with computer affects our circadian rhythm, resulting in sleep deprivation. Using PC or smartphones before going to bed is like coffee for our brain. They emit blue light that suppresses melatonin- a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep cycles. But this habit is …

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