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15 Must Have Apps on Ubuntu Right After a Fresh Install

Must-Have Apps on Ubuntu

Linux is one of the top 3 operating systems and is progressing by leaps and bounds. Many apps have been created for Linux or made compatible with Linux thanks to its noticeable number of keen followers. If you are new to Linux or want to explore the options you have, …

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Install TeamViewer 8 for Ubuntu 12.04


TeamViewer is the best app and i have been using it for a while for troubleshooting purposes. In this video i to install and use TeamViewer 8 on ubuntu system with complete guide. But this will work same on windows too . What is TeamViewer ? Team Viewer is a popular …

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Wubi: Install Linux on same drive as Windows

If you are one of those who wants to try Linux but are afraid to create another partition for installation, well there is a solution for you. With Wubi installer, you can install Linux on the same drive as your Windows and select the OS on start-up. If you are looking for …

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Easily Change Your GRUB 2 Splash Image In Ubuntu 12.04

We all know that GRUB is a powerful boot loader for Linux.It can easily detect various operating systems installed on our machine and provide us a choice to start any one of them. Although being very powerful boot loader, it does not have a very appealing graphical interface. But with …

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Difference between Root Superuser on Ubuntu

You might have this question at the back of your mind that WTH! is the difference between root and superuser? And how’s their commands different. User account and sudo?? So, what happens when you install Ubuntu on your system is that you are prompted to make a user account. Let’s say …

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