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10 Step by Step Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

no internet access on wifi connection

It’s often a confusing and dreaded moment when your device is connected to the WiFi, but the Internet is not working. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to no internet on connected WiFi problem. It could be an issue with your operating system settings or the router. Over the years, we …

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10 Ways to Share Files between Two Computers

2 computers

Nowadays, it is common to have more than one computer, like a personal/work computer and home computer that everyone uses in your house. When you have multiple computers, it is common that you find yourselves wanting to share or transfer files between those two computers. Thankfully, sharing files between two …

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Looking for Alternative to TeamViewer? Here are 5 Best of Them

alternative to teamviewer

TeamViewer is one of the most popular, free, and feature-rich application that allows you to connect to a desktop remotely. In case you are wondering, connecting to a remote desktop is really useful when you want to quickly troubleshoot or fix the problems of a computer that you cannot reach …

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Must Have Paid Mac Apps For 2016


You get what you pay for. In our previous post, we have covered some of the best free Mac OS apps. And that also make sense, if you are getting something for free, why spend on it right? But there are apps that offer features like no other free app. And in …

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Must Have Mac Apps For 2016

Best MAC apps

Mac OS X has all essential software built-in (like word editor, screen recorder, video editor, etc.) But still, it’s always nice to have some extra apps, to increase your productivity. So, here are some free MAC Apps (video demo on YouTube), that will increase your productivity and eliminate the mild annoyance …

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How to Screenshot Part of Screen (Windows | Mac | Android)

Take screenshot in mac

Taking screenshots on most devices is a piece of cake these days. But with little knowledge (or utility) you can make the entire process much quicker and efficient. So let’s see how. Windows The traditional way of taking a screenshot in Windows is quite tedious. First, hit the ‘PrntScr’ key on …

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