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8 Best PDF Editors for iPad and iPhone

PDF Editors for iPad and iPhone

What to do when you are on the move and need to quickly make a few changes in a PDF? Yes, having a good PDF Editing app on your iPad is a must, especially if you have the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. In our previous articles, we saw some of the best …

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4 Best PDF Annotator and Markup Apps for All Platforms


There are PDF editors available for every platform and they come in all shapes and sizes. The thing is that not all of us are looking for a PDF editor. A lot of us simply need a PDF annotator and markup tool that will let us highlight important parts or …

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10 Best PDF Reader Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets


PDF was built by Adobe to be a portable format that was easy to create and carry around. Smartphones were also created to be mobile and easy to carry around. What better way to read PDF books and documents than on your Android smartphone? For this, you will need a …

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8 Best PDF Reader for iPad and iPhone (2018)


Whether you are an avid reader or a company professional who constantly finds themselves on the move, PDF reader is a must for you. PDF is a universal format and widely used by eBook writers and companies alike. And why not? They are portable, easy to make, and even easier …

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