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Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger 10W Review – Another Hit?


We, at TechWiser, were anxiously waiting for Apple’s ambitious Wireless Charger – “AirPower”. But since that never happened, we started looking for other options. Last week, I got my hands on the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging pad and interestingly I couldn’t find any reviews about it on the Internet. Not, …

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Xiaomi MI Airdots Review – Worth the Hype?


Well, year after year you see every flagship quitting the headphone jack. Even the midrange phones are joining the bandwagon now. So, the time has come for a truly wireless experience. Or should I say truly wireless earbuds? After the Apple AirPods launch, we saw a couple of truly wireless earbuds …

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10 Best Project Management Tools for Small Business


Project management software come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, Trello helps you to keep track of what you do, Slack allows you to communicate with team members, while Zoho works best when you want to manage multiple projects or sub-projects. That said, finding the best project management tool …

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Bliiq Hummingbird: Best Sports & Fitness Earphones?

Wired earphones are a nightmare for anyone who works out, getting tangled into equipment and creating microphonic noise by rubbing against the clothes. These are some of the reasons I prefer wireless earphones in Gym. A few weeks back, folks at Bliiq contacted us and asked us to check out …

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Before you Join a YouTube MCN, Read This

YouTube mcn feature image

If you are reading this, chances are, you are already doing well on YouTube and have a fairly active audience. So a few months back, I had the first-hand experience with an Indian YouTube MCN and here a few things I wish I knew before joining the network. What exactly is MCN? …

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