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5 Best Personal Security Apps for Android

It is an accepted fact that brutal crimes against women are occurring daily across the world. Not just women but even kids and men too. May it be the college, Job or even the household. Nowadays, walking down the street alone late night can be unsafe. You might have texted …

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How to Secure Facebook Account With Mobile in 4 Easy Steps

facebook privacy settings

Considering the amount of information that we share on Facebook, it is very important to make sure that you are not sharing more than you have to. I mean, there have been cases where people have lost their jobs over Facebook posts. People are often careless when they share their …

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How to Send Encrypted Emails in Gmail and Outlook

Send Encrypted Emails in Gmail and Outlook1

Email is the most popular form of business communication. And more often than not, we use it to send sensitive information containing things like bank details, tax returns, personal information, etc. If you send this information in a regular email then anyone with access to that particular email, including but …

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10 Best USB Encryption Software to Lock Your Flash Drive (2017)

USB Encryption software

USB peripherals and USB Devices are around for more than a decade and nothing much has changed when it comes to the basic protocols. We do have iterative hardware upgrades that brought increased storage and overall transfer rates. Apart from that, there is almost no change on the security front. …

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5 Best Malware Removal Tools For Windows


It is a known fact that Windows machines are more prone to malware than any other OS. Now, this is not because Windows is insecure or vulnerable, but more likely because – Windows users are way more in number than any other OS, so hackers also have more incentive of …

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What is VPN, and Why You Should Use it?


VPN services are growing day by day and so are the reasons to use them. In fact, thanks to the VPNs being easy to use even for a general home user, they are no longer just for geeks or security experts. In case you are wondering, here are some of …

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5 Best Free VPN Service For 2016

Best Free VPN -

With the government blocking and monitoring your logs, and the security and privacy at stake, the VPN had never been much of an importance. Sadly, not many free VPN services are convincing, secure, and reliable. So, we have hunted the web for some of the best free VPN that are …

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How to Remove EXIF Metadata From Photos

Do you know, every picture you take from your camera, has EXIF metadata ( Exchangeable Image File Format). In simple words, this metadata holds information like your camera modal, date when the picture was taken, editing software if used, and even the geographical location if your phone’s location settings is …

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Securely Send large files on the Internet

transfer files securely

Are you looking for a way to transfer large files but want to keep it want to keep it private at the same time ? Although it’s always better to pass the data personally, however it’s not the an option. So here are is better ways to to that. Securely Send large files on …

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How to Identify People on the Internet

how to identify people on internet

Let say you get a call/message from an unknown number or an email from a stranger. And you are curious to find out the real person behind it. Or you met someone on matrimonial/job search websites and would like to know who they are. Usually, background checks is a paid service. But …

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