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How To Check GPT Or MBR in Windows 10 And Convert Them

gpt or mbr and how to convert

MBR was first introduced by IBM in the year 1993 which instantly became a popular way to partition disk drives. MBR has two limitations which resulted in its demise. You cannot partition disk drives larger than 2TB and you cannot create more than 4 logical partitions. This is why Windows …

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How to Enable Telnet Server in Windows 10

telnet techwiser

Telnet is the oldest computer protocol that allows two computers to talk to each other over the Internet or local area network. However, Microsoft decided to remove the Telnet server from Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 onwards. It’s a good step considering that Telnet doesn’t support encryption and the …

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7 Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows For Different Needs

Whether browsing for memes on Reddit or reading an article on BuzzFeed, I’m sure you’ve seen GIFs all around. While creating GIFs is easy, finding a perfect GIF maker app is difficult. The only problem with GIFs is that size increases considerably if the GIFs are longer. I have compiled a …

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6 Best Task Manager Alternatives for Windows 10

task manager

One of the best and important tools on Windows is the Task Manager. Almost every Windows user makes use of the Task Manager one time or the other to monitor their system resources, manage processes and kill unresponsive applications. As good as it is, there are far better tools on …

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9 Best Windows 10 Privacy Tools

Windows 10

One of the most controversial things about Windows 10 is its telemetry gathering. Windows uses telemetry to identify security issues and fix software problems. There is so much telemetry gathering in Windows 10 that it is just astounding. Of course, there might be good intentions, like to improve Windows 10 …

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Looking For Spotlight for Windows 10? Here Are Five Alternatives

spotlight for windows

If you have ever used a Mac, you know the feeling of using Spotlight search. It makes searching apps and files so much easier. Spotlight not only launch apps and search files in a jiffy, but it also works as a calculator, currency converters, weather calculation and much more. However, …

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8 Best Music App For Windows 10 Computers

Music Apps and Players for Windows 10

Music knows no language. It has no religion. It’s a universal language that everyone understands no matter what their background, caste or color. It’s food for the soul. I can’t live without music even when I am working on my Windows 10 laptop. So when I bought a new one, …

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