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8 Best Clipboard Manager for Windows


For any computer user, one of the most performed action is copying and pasting text, images, and other content. Though the default Windows clipboard does the job pretty nicely, it is nowhere near adequate for power users or even for a moderate user who deals with a lot of content. …

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7 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Windows and macOS


Starting from binge-watching Netflix to playing CounterStrike league with your friends, all of this needs a network of interconnected computers. Wireshark is arguably the most famous and perhaps the most widely used network protocol analyser. This tool lets you take a closer look at the network activities and analyse data …

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9 Best Text Expander Apps for Windows (Free and Paid)

If you are a writer like me or just someone who types a lot, then it’s a no-brainer to use a text expander application. For instance, when you are typing you will come across some big words, phrases, sentences, certain email responses, signatures, etc., that you have to type multiple …

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3 Best DNS Benchmarking Tools To Find the Fastest DNS Server


Whenever you try to access a website, a DNS server is the one that is responsible for resolving the IP address of the website address you just typed. Typically, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides with a default DNS server so that you can access the internet properly. However, the …

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Best Free 2D and 3D Animation Software for Windows


Animations industry has come a long way in the last few decades. It has moved from handwritten drawings to CGI or Computer Generated Imagery. While one might argue that Animation has become easier with the advent of computer graphics, I beg to differ. It is true that we have a …

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube — A YouTuber Perspective


Okay, so a little background first, I’m doing YouTube for past 5 years, and while going from 0-125k subs, I’ve gone through several video editing software. I started with free Windows movie maker, then tried a couple of intermediate ones, like Power Director, Sony Vegas, and finally, once I got …

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Five Ways to Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

I use VLC player on both my Windows and MacBook, either case it has been a pretty stress-free experience for me, until now. A couple of days ago I came across a beautifully shot video only to realize that the video has been shot in portrait (damn these smartphones!) and …

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3 Ways to Block Porn on Windows


The best thing about the internet is — here you can find information about anything. As with many good things, one of the bad sides of the Internet is the wide availability of porn. More often than not, these porn sites can easily distort a kid’s minds and have some grave …

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5 Best FTP Clients For Both Windows and MacOS

Best FTP Clients

FTP is widely used to transfer files and folders from and to a server. A good FTP client is a lifesaver if you are a website owner or run a home media server. Even though most web hosts and other services provide their version of the file manager to manage …

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