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5KPlayer Review: More Than Just A Video Player


I have a friend who just came back from a vacation and wanted to show us his pictures, but his iPhone screen is very small and he didn’t really have the time to upload it on the cloud for us to see. The point I’m trying to make here is, …

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8 Best Pomodoro Timer For Windows to Boost Your Productivity

pomodoro apps for windows

Whether you are preparing for your final semesters or finishing your pending work, a Pomodoro timer will help you boost your productivity and get things done in less time. For the unknown, Pomodoro is a technique developed by Frencesco Cirillo for improving productivity. Your work session is broken down to 25-minute …

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Put Windows on MacBook Pro And iMac (7 Ways)

Put Windows on MacBook Pro 1

Shifting from Windows to macOS can be tough for most people. It gets tougher if you use a lot of Windows-only software. Of course, you can find macOS alternatives for your favorite apps but that doesn’t work all the time. That is why, at least once in a while, you …

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How to Rip DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper

This post is sponsored by WinX DVD Even though we’ve moved to more efficient file formats, our collection has stayed on the shelf unused. I have a huge collection of DVDs which I inherited from my father because he felt too sad throwing the collection out. So instead I took …

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8 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 (2018)

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Windows 7 was the best OS Microsoft ever launched. Packed with regular security updates, a refined UI and inbuilt programs made our lives a little better. One of the better features was the Windows Photo Viewer. It was a simple program that let us preview our pictures, adjust the basic …

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9 Best Reminder Apps for Windows


A lot of us are spending our entire day in front of our PCs. I know I am. In such a scenario, it makes sense to have a reminder app of some kind for my Windows-powered desktop computer. After all, why do I have to endure reminders on my smartphone when …

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10 Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows 10/8/7


WiFi signals are tough to understand. I am walking around in my house and the signal is full. I take a few steps towards the front door and suddenly, there is no signal and I am like what? Within a few days, you learn to identify the areas in your …

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10 Best ePub Readers for Windows (2018)


The EPUB (short for electronic publication) is a popular e-book format. And while most e-book readers support EPUB format by default (like Kobo eReader and Apple’s iBooks app) it’s a shame that Kindle does not and so do Windows. So, how to read ePubs when you are using a Windows computer …

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7 Best PDF Voice Reader for Windows


Reading is fun and there is no doubt about it, but there are times when you would rather like to hear it out. I am talking about boring reports and other articles that you receive in your email in PDF format. They are not fun to read. They are boring and …

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Best Notes App for Windows to Increase Productivity

notes app for windows

Old school methods are sometimes the best way to live. Think about the simplicity and genius of a paper and pen. Jot down anything you want to be done and stick it on the board. Quick and easy. While it is still recommended by many productivity experts, it fells short …

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