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How to Reset TCP/IP in Windows, Linux, and macOS

The Internet is a pretty useful resource but setting it up at your home can be a tricky job. Even after you have finished the set-up, there are times when you end up seeing “Unable to connect to the Internet” screen more often than not. It is possible even if you …

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4 Ways to Upload to Instagram from Windows and macOS

instagram on computer

Instagram was built to be used on smartphones. The dev team have gone to great lengths to make sure that the users continue using their mobile apps. While Instagram does have a functional web page, you can only use it for surfing pics. This is all fine and dandy for …

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3 Best Text Expanders for Chrome To Automate the Boring Stuff


Whether you are filling your home/office address or today’s date, your favorite phrases or parts of other data that you have to type over and over again, a text expander can really help. What is a text expander? Think of it as shortcuts for your keyboard. Let’s say that you …

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7 Best Color Picker for Windows


Generally, when working with colors on a computer, you need to know either the HEX or RGB value of the color you want. These values make it easy to identify the specific color and share them when needed. To get the RGB or HEX values of the color you want, …

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7 Best ISO Mounter For Windows 10/8/7

Windows PC

To backup CDs or DVDs, one of the most common ways is to create an image. Typically, these images will be in ISO, IMG, or BIN formats. This is good as all your data is packed into a single file making it easy to transfer and further back up it …

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Best Firewall For Windows 10


Windows has a built-in firewall that is quite powerful and highly configurable. However, Windows built-in firewall only does one-direction filtering by default. Moreover, the user interface makes it a complicated job to properly configure rules and block/allow applications. In fact, unless you are an advanced user or system administrator who …

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5KPlayer Review: More Than Just A Video Player


I have a friend who just came back from a vacation and wanted to show us his pictures, but his iPhone screen is very small and he didn’t really have the time to upload it on the cloud for us to see. The point I’m trying to make here is, …

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8 Best Pomodoro Timer For Windows to Boost Your Productivity

pomodoro apps for windows

Whether you are preparing for your final semesters or finishing your pending work, a Pomodoro timer will help you boost your productivity and get things done in less time. For the unknown, Pomodoro is a technique developed by Frencesco Cirillo for improving productivity. Your work session is broken down to 25-minute …

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