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Find out what WordPress Theme and Plugin a Website is Using


So, you stumbled upon a new competitor’s website, while doing some keyword research for your own site. And this new website has an amazing UI, something that we don’t see every day. And now you want to what themes and plugins are they running under the hood? (given that it’s built …

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Find out Where Visitors are Clicking on Your Website

Visitors are Clicking on Your Website

Want to know where visitors are clicking on your website?  And which part of the website they click most? While Google Analytics can tell a lot about you Audience, it can not show you where exactly visitors are clicking on your website. Yes, there are other services(like Crazy Egg from Neil …

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How to Enable 2 Factor Authentication on WordPress


Imagine this — you get a wake-up call from one of your reader, saying your website is hacked. And all the blog posts are replaced by a cat gif. Sound scary, Isn’t it! Well, having a good username and password is not sufficient these days. You need more. Like the …

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What are Private Name Server and How to Add them


Last month, our website crossed 10k pageviews/daily. Now, this is too much traffic for a blog hosted on shared hosting. Right? So I started looking for a better hosting plan. And luckily this black Friday, I got a sweet 80% OFF deal on Hostgator and finally upgraded to their VPS hosting. Now …

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Better Way to Backup Your WordPress Blog [Tutorial]

A good webmaster always keeps multiple backups of his or her websites. Backups not only protect your website from server failure and security attacks but are also needed while changing your host. Now some of you may question, “Why should I take regular backups when my hosting provider is already doing that …

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How to Setup a Server on localhost and Install WordPress

WAMP Server stands for Windows Apache MySQL Php.In this post, we will find out install wamp on windows seven on localhost On Windows. We are going to do this in 3 parts 1. Download WAMP and WordPress. 2. Creating a database for the website. 3. Installing WordPress in localhost. Follow this simple …

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