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8 Things ChatGPT Can Do Better Than Bing Chat

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Things ChatGPT can do better than Bing Chat

Microsoft recently released New Bing Chat powered by ChatGPT. While Bing uses the next version of the GPT model, GPT 4, ChatGPT still holds many advantages compared to Bing Chat. Considering the implementation and features of both chatbots, here are a few things that we feel ChatGPT is doing better than Bing Chat. If you are new to AI chatbots, first, read how to get started with ChatGPT and how to get started with Bing Chat to try both services for yourself.

1. Can Access ChatGPT on Any Browser

Bing Chat is limited to Edge browser. You can open bing.com on any browser but you need Edge browser to access the chatbot. Also, Microsoft keeps recommending you set Edge browser as your default browser which can be annoying for some. On the other side, you can access ChatGPT on any browser including mobile browsers. Just open chat.openai.com to access ChatGPT instantly.

Accessing ChatGPT on Chrome Browser

Using a service that is available on multiple platforms gives you more flexibility.

2. ChatGPT Has a Clean UI Compared to Bing Chat

Preferences for user interfaces and user experiences are subjective. But there is no changing the fact that ChatGPT’s UI is minimal in nature. Also, Bing Chat is integrated into Bing Search. So you need to open Bing Search and then tap on the Chat option to use Bing Chat.

Opening Bing Chat on Bing Search

Whereas ChatGPT is a standalone service and easier to access. While both services are good, ChatGPT is cleaner and easier to navigate and use.

3. Ability to Access Previous Chats

On Bing Chat, once you clear the conversation, there is no way to return to the same conversation. You can open it from search history but that just opens the query in Bing Search rather than bringing back your previous conversation. On ChatGPT, when you start a new conversation, your previous conversations will be saved in the left sidebar.

Opening Previous chats on ChatGPT

You can open any conversation right from where you left off. So you can recheck the answer provided or even continue the chat further.

Continuing old conversation on ChatGPT

More importantly, ChatGPT names each chat automatically making it easy to find the chat you want to open.

4. Ability to Generate Content

ChatGPT can generate scripts, essays, blog posts, articles, poems, songs, emails, etc. But Bing Chat is designed for research rather than generating content. So even if you ask it to create content, it will provide you tips to create content rather than generating the content itself. Sometimes you mat get it to create content, but that’s not the default behavior.

Bing Chat unable to generate content

Bing Chat on the Edge browser has a compose tab that you can use to generate content directly. Moreover, it also gives you options to choose the tone, length, and layout of the content you want it to create. Considering you cannot generate content on the Bing Chat page, it can be a big letdown.

5. Debug and Generate Code

Bing Chat can help you solve issues and errors while programming. But if you submit a string of code and ask it to debug, it lacks functionality. Also, Bing Chat is quite limited when it comes to writing code. While it can offer some coding tips and some information, it is nowhere close to ChatGPT which can not only write but also explain the code.

Code generated from ChatGPT

In our testing, even ChatGPT failed to provide the correct code sometimes. But you can always make needed adjustments to the generated code to make it work.

6. Unlimited Messages in Chat

Another major limitation of Bing Chat is that you can only have a limited number of messages in each session. As the back-and-forth conversations are limited, you need to start a new conversation on Bing after every few messages. This prevents you from researching and going deeper in a single conversation.

Limited messages on Bing Chat

Previously, it was limited to 5 messages, but Microsoft keeps increasing it. At the time of writing this article, you can have 15 back-and-forth messages in a single chat. On the flip side, you can send unlimited messages in a single conversation on ChatGPT.

7. Can Handle More Controversial Questions

ChatGPT has many restrictions like you cannot have conversations related to violence, sexuality, etc. Bing Chat, on the other hand, is even more restrictive. On Bing Chat, just saying the answers it produced are bad is enough for Bing to stop the conversation altogether. Many users are even able to make Bing Chat angry for various reasons. It already limits the number of messages in a conversation, and stopping a conversation midway makes it even more restrictive and difficult to explore.

Conversation stopped in middle on Bing Chat

8. More Extensions, Add-Ons, and Bots

ChatGPT has a smartphone app and bots for Discord and Telegram. There are also many Chrome extensions that add ChatGPT to your Google homepage. ChatGPT’s API allows developers to integrate ChatGPT into any platform making ChatGPT more accessible than Bing Chat. Considering Bing Chat is only available on Edge Browser makes ChatGPT a more flexible platform.

ChatGPT Chrome extension

ChatGPT vs Bing Chat

So we have explored only things that ChatGPT does a better job of compared to Bing Chat. Before choosing ChatGPT, also see all the things Bing Chat can do better than ChatGPT to get the complete picture.

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