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10 Things New AI Bing Chat Can Do Better Than ChatGPT

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Things Bing Chat Can Do Better Than ChatGPT

Microsoft has announced Bing Chat powered by ChatGPT. It is directly integrated into Bing Search and has started rolling out to the public. While ChatGPT itself uses GPT-3 model, Bing integrates GPT-4 model into its search results. After using both ChatGPT and Bing Chat, we have found some pros and cons in each of them. In this article, we will show you things Bing Chat can do better than its parent ChatGPT.

1. It’s Faster

If you have used both services, you will notice Bing Chat is faster compared to ChatGPT. More than that, ChatGPT sometimes freezes and even fails to produce an answer, whereas Bing Chat returns with an answer every time within seconds. Once both services begin to generate an answer, Bing Chat generates the complete answer marginally faster than ChatGPT.

While we are not sure if this increased speed is because of GPT-4 model that Bing uses or because of Microsoft’s established Cloud infrastructure, we sure enjoy the faster output. Though there is still room for improvement, it definitely improves the overall user experience.

2. Has More Up-To-Date Info

ChatGPT’s data is limited to the year 2021. So it cannot answer queries on events or incidents that happened in 2022 or later. Whereas Bing Chat has more up-to-date data. It can even answer info about Super Bowl 2023 and other latest news.

Bing has more up to date info

This small upgrade actually makes Bing Chat more useful rather than a testing product. However, when you are having a conversation on recent news that happened minutes ago, Bing Chat has no clue about it. Smaller incidents take even longer to get into Bing Chat’s dataset.

3. Cites Sources for Its Answers

Chatbot answers are not accurate as the technology is new and there can be false info in the database it is trained on. ChatGPT answers based on its data without sharing the source of information. Bing Chat gives sources for almost every sentence it generates. Simply hover over the sentence to find the source link and then click on it to read the complete article.

Bing Chat gives sources for its answers

This makes fact-checking much easier on Bing Chat based on the trust you have in the source material.

4. Makes Article Suggestions

In some cases, Bing Chat takes citing sources to a whole new level. When you ask something related to news, it replies back with an answer along with some related news articles.

Bing Chat provides article suggestions

You can open them or ask Bing Chat to suggest more articles. Getting related news articles along with a brief answer makes searching for news experience better than ever before.

5. Ability to Choose Conversation Style

Sometimes, you may want the AI to provide longer creative replies, sometimes you may just want a brief answer to the question. You can easily tune that to your needs by choosing a conversation style. On the Bing Chat page, you can set the conversation style from Creative, Balanced, and Precise. The precise mode prioritizes accuracy and relevance whereas the creative mode prioritizes entertainment value and surprise element. The balanced mode is the neutral state where the answer includes both facts and entertainment.

Choose conversation style in Bing Chat

You can only change the conversation style before starting a conversation. Once started, there is no way to change the style in between.

6. Suggestions to Ask Later Questions

Bing Chat displays suggestions or examples of what you can ask the AI-powered bot above the message box.

Sugestions to ask later questions on Bing

After every reply from Bing Chat, you will see related suggestions for your next question. Just like the answers, even its suggestions are good and something you can take advantage of. These subsequent suggestions make it easier to search and research.

Suggestions to ask later question on Bing Chat

7. It’s More Human Than ChatGPT

The main reason why ChatGPT is so successful is because of its ability to understand the context and reply back in a humane way. Bing Chat improves upon that by adding emojis, easier-to-read small sentences, and more natural language processing behind the scenes. Sometimes the experience is soo good that people even managed to make Bing Chat angry. Imagine a chatbot eliciting a human emotion.

Emojis on Bing Chat

8. Generate Summary From Blog Posts

While ChatGPT is limited to the website, Bing on the other hand is also available on the new Edge browser. Simply click on the Bing icon on the Edge browser at the top right corner when you are on any blog site.

Bing Chat on the Edge Browser

Bing Chat can also access the blog post that you are reading. You can ask Bing to generate a summary of the article, generate takeaway points, etc. You also can ask a question and Bing will reply with an answer collecting info from that specific blog page.

Summarizing articles with Bing Chat

More than that, you can ask Bing to fact-check the article. It will try to check the details of that article with other articles on the web to fact-check it. Having said that, Bing results may have issues sometimes.

Fact checking articles with Bing Chat

At the time of writing this article, Bing on the Edge browser is only available on the Edge dev version. But it should release in a stable version soon.

9. Ability to Read PDFs

You cannot upload PDFs into ChatGPT or even Bing Chat. But you can take advantage of the Bing AI on the Edge browser to read PDFs. Open any PDF on the new Edge browser and click on the Bing icon at the top right corner. Just like you have searched on the web, you can ask questions related to the PDF and it will reply back with the exact answer from the data in the PDF. You can also summarize it, fact-check it, etc. Useful when you are dealing with a long PDF file with 100s of pages.

10. Compose Feature on Edge Browser

Bing Chat AI on the Edge browser also has a Compose tab that helps you to compose emails, articles, and ideas, easily. More than that, you can customize the tone and length of the text you are composing. Just click on the Bing icon at the top right corner and select the Compose tab. Now enter what you want Bing Chat to write about. Below that, you can select a tone from Professional, Casual, Enthusiastic, Informational, or Funny.

Composing text on Bing Chat

Then select a format like Paragraph, Email, Blog Post, or Ideas. Bing Chat will generate the result in that style. Finally, select the length and click on Generate draft button to compose.

Generating draft on Bing Chat

Once generated, you will get an option to copy and use it anywhere.

Composed article on Bing Chat

Things Bing Chat Can Do Better Than ChatGPT

Bing Chat is still in the early stages, but Microsoft has managed to go beyond rather than just implementing ChatGPT into Bing. My favorite feature is Bing Chat on the Edge browser which can help me fact-check articles, summarize them, and research better. And then you can tune the generated text in a particular style. On top of this, Bing can do most things that ChatGPT can do.

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