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This Is the Best Web Browser for Android TV

by Mrinal Saha
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Unfortunately, no browser comes pre-installed on the stock version of Android TVs. So, if you are looking for a good web browser, you have no option but to download a third-party web browser app for Android TV. I recently switched from Puffin TV browser to TV Bro on my Android TV and so far, I’m liking the experience. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Availablity

Unlike other Android TV browsers like Chrome and Firefox, you can directly download the TV Bro app from Android TV Google Play Store. There is no need to sideload the APK file reducing the chances of installing malware, for example. TV Bro is also entirely free and open-source with no ads.

2. Made for TV Interface

The first time you open the TV Bro app, you will notice it was specifically designed to work seamlessly with Android TV remote. For example, you will see a mouse pointer on the screen which you can use to go up and down and left and right for easy navigation. It even has voice search support via your TV remote of course.

3. Native Downloader

One of the biggest reasons I prefer TV Bro over other web browsers is the native download manager. So say, if I want to download an APK file from the APKMirror, in many other web browsers, we are not sure where exactly is the file saved on your Android TV. You won’t face the same problem with TV Bro. All the downloaded files can be easily accessed from the download button at the top.

4. Ad-Blocking

While I understand ads are an integral part of the Android ecosystem to keep services free on TV, they are quite annoying. Especially, pop-up ads that can’t be closed easily as you do on smartphones and computers.

A native ad blocker that simply works is one of the biggest reasons why I like this Android TV web browser. There is an option to enable/disable ads right on the home screen and it even works for video ads too. Sweet.

tv bro app on android tv

For example, this is YouTube with ads on and off. And as you can see, not only it can play any video on the TV browser (which is quite rare) but it can also skip native and pop-up ads on YouTube.

Which Android TV Browser Do You Use

There are many other small features in TV Bro like changing the browser agent, themes, keyboard shortcuts, etc. But since you can find these features in other Android TV browsers as well, I have decided to skip them.

Overall, if none of the Android TV browsers worked for you, TV bro should work like a charm. Give it a try and let me know your experience on Twitter.

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