5 Brilliant Tips For Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

People often try to imitate Steve jobs’s or Ted talk’s presentations. But have you ever wonder; you don’t need to give presentation like them in the first place. Yes, you are not running a multi-billion company neither you are going to address millions of audience, Right ! then why copying them.

 Tips For Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

The most important thing to remember while giving a presentation is to deliver your message. Coming early, researching the content and practicing your presentation are some obvious stuff that everyone does, but there are some not so obvious life hacks that can turn an average presentation into a remarkable presentation. Therefore here are some general presentation tips for making good Powerpoint presentations.

1. Right use of Extensions

When saving your PowerPoint Presentations, use the extension .pps/.ppsx instead of .ppt/.pptx. This will open the presentation directly as a slide show which not only Save time but also make it look more professional. However it is advisable to keep the .ppt file handy, in case you need to quickly edit your presentation in the end time.

2. Start presentation with a pause or a question/story

Seth Godin– a famous public speaker says..

Pause for two or three seconds and audiences assume you’ve lost your place; five seconds they think the pause is intentional; after ten seconds even the people texting can’t help looking up.

We all know the first impression is the last impression, but few people are able to follow this rule. If you can grab your audience attention in the beginning, then they are more likely to listen to the entire session. Therefore  instead of beginning with monotonous lecture; surprise them with mental pause, entertain them with relevant fact or even tell them a story. You will amaze to see the audience response in the entire presentation.

3. Less is More

10-20-30 rule suggest that you should not have more than 10 slides which should not take more than 20 min to complete and have font bigger than 30-point size .

Try to have as less information as you can on slides, of course images over text is always a great choice.

4. Minimal is the New Sexy

Pick up a plain background theme (without any animation or picture) and use the same template throughout your presentation. You can use this online tool for creating stunning color combination but keep it as minimal as possible.

5. Have something to hold in your hands

Be it a pen, a remote or anything handy. It’s good idea to hold something in your hands. This will make you feel more confident with your hand gesture. Another thing that you can do is, take a bottle of water with you before giving presentation because even if you forget the lines you can drink water and no one will suspect.

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