Top 6 Useful DOS Commands That You Should Know

There are unlimited possibilities to cmd can be used, but to keep things simple in this post we will focus on six useful dos commands which I believe every one of us should know about.

useful dos commands

1. Systeminfo

As the name suggests this command gives you everything you need to know about the system. If you are working on a new computer, then this command will tell you everything about it from its ram, processor, current O.s, computer name and much more.

Open the command prompt and type in system info and then hit enter.

Systeminfo command

2. Ipconfig

This is most used network command. This command is used to find the important system information like Ip address, default gateway and Mac address of your computers.

How to find mac address

Open cmd and type ipconfig /all then look for wireless Lan adapter and look for the physical address.

Ipconfig command to find mac address
Ipconfig command to find mac address


3. Tasklist and Tasklist

This command is similar to task manager; it displays a complete list of all the process.

How to use the this command

Open command prompt and type in tasklist, and you will get the complete list of task that is running on your system.


With task kill command, you can kill process directly.

There are two ways of doing that; I will show you how to do it with image name.

How to kill task using task kill command in cmd

Open the command prompt and type this taskkill /im notepad.exe. This will close the notepad window.

4. Ping and tracert

With ping command, you can find the IP address of any website and even test your internet speed.

For more on ping visit my post how to test your internet speed using ping. Tracert shows the complete path from information takes from your computer to specify website. The most useful command to find out where the website is unreachable and where it is then at which point the connection fails.

Open command prompt and type tracers

Tracert command

5. Tree

This command shows the hierarchical representation of the files on your drives.

How to use this command?

Navigate to the directory and type tree.

Open the command prompt. And navigate to the desired directory using cd command and type tree and hit enter.



6. Shutdown

This one is my favorite Command. If you are watching a movie, remotely listening to the song. Using this command, you can set timer to set your computer to self-restart or shutdown

How to set timer shutdown using cmd

To shutdown after 1 hour

shutdown -s -t 3600

To restart after 1 hour

shutdown -r -t 3600


These are few DOS commands that I most useful, which one is your favorite from this, or do you like some other commands that were not mentioned in this post. Shout out your thought in the comments. I would love to hear your response.

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