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Top Apps for Diabetic People on iOS and Android

by Vaibhav
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Diabetes is one condition that is extremely prevalent nowadays. Just the USA has around 30.2 million are diagnosed with diabetes above 18 years of age, which constitutes almost 29-32% of the entire population. It poses so many risks such as heart disease, high blood pressure, chances of stroke, and even nerve damage in some cases. You need a doctor, of-course to advise and guide you, but your phone can also aid you and help you check and manage basic chores like meds, insulin, controlled diet, etc. So, here are Top Apps for Diabetic People on iOS and Android.

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Top Apps for Diabetic People

1. My Sugr

With more than 2 million registered users this app is sort of a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to manage diabetes. The app requires a sign-up and setting up a profile. For example, you’ve to feed in diabetic type, insulin details, or daily medication if any. There are plenty of features so you can take control of your health. Such as a Blood sugar tracker, Carb logger, and an HbA1c calculator (requires at least a 3-days log). All of these are displayed right at the home screen along with a clean scrollable timeline.

The app is free to use, however, if your want to generate records to share with your doctor, you’ve to shell out $2.99/month which is completely worth it. As it will also let your set reminders so you don’t forget to log your blood glucose, capture meal photos, etc.

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You can also connect it with Accu-Check meters and also get the pro mode for free.


  • Log your blood glucose, meals, medication, etc.
  • Shows estimated HbA1c right on the home screen
  • Generate weekly and monthly reports
  • Connects with Accu-CHeck hardware

Get My Sugr on ( iOS | Android )

2. Headspace

Our fast-paced world can lead to stress and anxiety. It has also shown major effects on our metabolism resulting in secretion of hormones that elevate blood glucose levels.  Hence it is very important to keep yourself calm and practice meditation to keep both your mind and body healthy. With Headspace, you can spend a few minutes every day with a guided meditation.   Besides that, you can also keep track of your meditation sessions and invite your friends to meditate with you.

Headspace is providing free Plus subscription to healthcare works in the USA to show solidarity with front-line medical warriors

You get the first ten meditation sessions and three everyday Headspace sessions for free. But to unlock more sessions and content you need to upgrade to  Headspace plus at $12.99 per month.


  • Reduce stress with meditation sessions
  • Includes Sleep inducing sounds
  • Target meditation for stress, anxiety, focus, etc

Get Headspace for ( iOS | Android )

3. Sleep Cycle

Studies have found a clear connection between sleep and diabetes.  Sleep disorders are found to be very common in people with a diabetic condition as compared to a normal person.  Therefore, it is very important to maintain your health, along with achieving a proper sleep cycle.  So, if you toss around and wake up in the middle of the night Sleep Cycle might help. You can track your sleeping patterns with detailed analysis. Unlike other apps, you don’t need to keep it under the pillow as it uses your microphone to record your sleep and tracks movements in your bed.  It can also help you with a fresh morning start with its gentle natural alarm clock that doesn’t disturb your early mornings.

The app is free to use but if you need extra features such as sleep stories, relaxation guides, snore trends, etc. You can upgrade for $29.99 per year. This also gives you the export option for your sleep analysis, online backup, and Philips HUE light bulb control.


  • Gentle alarm clock
  • Tracks your sleep and movement
  • Uses the microphone for minimal disturbance

Get Sleep Cycle for ( iOS | Android

4. Repeat Alarm

I’ve found a lot of people who still don’t believe much in technology and depend on weekly lab results for their sugar tests. Well, if you don’t want to use any of the apps above and just need a simple app to remind you when to take your pills and insulin. You can use this reminder app to set multiple reminders to ping you every day.  So whether it’s taking medicine once a day or once every 6 hours, just set the reminder and forget. The best part is you can also put your recording as an alarm or choose local music from your local storage. If you like keeping track of your meds, there is a history section with all the previous logs as well.

This app isn’t available on Apple but you can use the in-built Reminder App to set recurring alarms.  Alternatively, ask Siri to do it. Simply say“Hey Siri, can you remind me to take my meds every 6 hours starting from 10 am”. That’s it, simple right?


  • Set multiple reminders for insulin, medicine, tests.
  • History log
  • Use music from local storage

Get Repeat Alarm for Android 

5. Freeletics Training Coach

If you’re diabetic, you must have already heard how important it is to exercise from your doctor. It’s important to keep the body fit and keep the blood sugar levels low. While under lockdown, you can’t go out for walks or to the gym. But this shouldn’t hinder your daily physical activity to keep your health in check. Hence this home work out app is the best fit. This app uses AI to coach you and provide a customized workout plan. As most of these exercises are bodyweight you don’t have to bother about any extra equipment. 

The app is free to use but if you want to further customize your workout, get tailored meal plans, etc. You can upgrade with plans starting from $14 for three months. If you’re looking for more option you can check these workout apps as well.


  • Social Media section to follow others
  • Dozens of workout from beginner to advance level
  • AI-powered coach

Get Freeletics Training Coach for ( iOS | Android )

6. Diabetic Diet

The most common advice that anyone gives to someone who has a diabetic condition is to eat which keeps your blood sugar level in check. There are tons of things like fish, leafy vegetables, nuts, etc, that should be in your diet plan. This huge list if often too hard to track. This is where the Diest app comes in. It’s filled with tons of resources and information on a balanced diest for diabetic people, recipes, Well, most with this condition don’t get to eat a lot of sugar but this app has diabetic-friendly dessert recipes, so you can quench your thirst. Besides that, you can get a 5-week meal plan, tips on preparing your dies, and the type of food you should consume.

It’s a great app and as someone has rightly said if you put the right things in your body, the battle is already half won. You can also download the Big oven app (Android and iOS) and filter the recipe using the word diabetic and keto.


  • Healthy eating Guide
  • 5-week meal plan
  • Exercise and tips

Get Diabetic Diet for Android 

Top Apps for Diabetic People

7. Zero Fasting Tracker

There are promising researches that intermittent fasting can prevent and control diabetes by improving sensitivity to the blood-glucose-lowering hormone insulin and protect against fatty liver. While it’s necessary to consult a doctor before you jump into a fasting regime, you can try it out and see if it helps. Out of dozens of apps, the Zero app is one, which isn’t just the most basic but also has most of the intermittent fasting plans, such as Circadian rhythm fasting, 16 hours, 18 hours, and also custom made. You can track your fasts with a graph and feed your weight to check how much you’ve achieved so far.


  • Reap health benefits of fasting
  • Many fasting plans
  • Tack your weight and fasting time
  • Updated article section

Get Zero Fasting Tracker for ( iOS | Android )

Closing Remarks

Using these apps to not only keep a track of your condition but to manage it well can go a long way. I highly suggest using the first app, My Sugr, as it has all the features you’d require to log and track your blood glucose levels. Combining it with a great diet app and exercise app will help you keep yourself motivated. I want to make testing handy,  check out One Drop Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter or Care Touch Testing Kit, for quick tests at home.

So here are Top Apps for Diabetic People on iOS and Android. I hope you’ll use these apps to create a daily routine to tackle diabetes.  All the best!

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