Top Instagram Feed Planner App For Android And iOS

Managing Instagram is not easy these days. You not only have to come up with creative photos but also have to take care of scheduling those pictures and make sure your profile looks consistent. While the official Instagram app doesn’t let you swap your uploads. Thankfully, you can use third-party Feed Planner apps to monitor comments, track analytics, schedule posts and most important of all, visually planning out your feed. So, let’s check out the perfect feed planner app for you.

Best Instagram Feed Planner App

1. Preview

I came to know about Preview recently. The mobile app (available for both Android and iOS) is pretty straightforward and helps you to plan your Instagram feed. The interface is clean. As soon as you finish registering your Instagram account, you will be presented with your Instagram feed.

On top of the feed, you will have empty grids where you can load your future posts. Tap on the plus sign at the top right and upload your images. This will give you an idea of how your feed will look like prior to these uploads and you can generate your own theme.


You can curate your feed by swapping the images accordingly. You can also create hashtag groups and you can use them directly in a post just by copying them.

Preview App Swap Photos

Preview also has an inbuilt editor which lets you do adjustments to your photos or quickly snap a filter on it. There also tons of paid filters which I haven’t tried but they do look decent in the preview. The inbuilt editor is slightly superior compared to Instagram’s native editor.

The app also provides analytics for your account but this is not something I should boast about. If you have an Instagram business account, you can get the same analytics there as well.


You can also schedule posts in the Preview app. Sadly, it doesn’t support auto-post to Instagram but will send you a notification to post it. The app official website says the auto-schedule option is in beta testing and will soon be available.

The app is free to download and you can use up to 1 Instagram user. In case you want to use multiple accounts, you need to upgrade to a pro package which starts from $8 per month.

If you are an individual creator, you should just skip this one. This app is curated for Social Media Managers or agencies who monitor several client accounts.

What it lacks?

Although Instagram is built for mobile devices, a huge number of people choose to edit their photos on desktop devices. So, it makes sense if you can use the preview app on your desktop. Sadly, Preview is not available for desktop and this is the only thing I feel it lacks from the competition.

Install Preview (Android | iOS)


UNUM was the first feed preview application that I used and was my favorite for a long time. The mobile app is basic and the first time you open it, you will have to link your Instagram account. Once done, It displays your Instagram feed and provides you with 18 additional grids where you can design your theme.

The free account limits usage of up to 3 Instagram account. You shouldn’t ask for anything more.

What separates UNUM from the previous app, is the web application. You can upload photos directly to the web app and start working on your Instagram feed.

feed planning app for Instagram

It also has some basic analytics but I think there is not much to talk on the free account side.

The best thing is the Phantom mode, which lets you hide photos which exist on your Instagram feed so you can visualize your feed after deleting them. This helps if you frequently archive your old posts.


It is for individual creators who have 2 accounts – one business and one personal. UNUM targets people who are just starting out in social media marketing. The prices for the premium account are also cheaper than the other offerings. UNUM is available for free, with 18 grids, 500 photo and video uploads/month.

What it lacks?

There are no significant drawbacks but I will be still nit-picking here. For one, there is no in-app editor or filter pack. You can schedule reminders for your post but UNUM cannot auto post to Instagram yet.

Install UNUM (Android | iOS)

3. Garny

If you don’t want any glitz and glamour and you haven’t got the slickest phone out there, this app could be for you. It just does what it says in the title “Preview Instagram Feed”.

With a size of about 7 MB, the Garny app lets you upload unlimited photos in the grids. You can connect to your Instagram account if you want to see your previous posts and if not just don’t bother doing it. You have the option to continue without logging into your account.

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top feed planning apps for Instagram

It also has the option to repost other Instagram user’s content and also giving them due credit.

Just copy paste the URL of the post and paste it into the app, you can choose to save or repost the same. It leaves a small watermark at the bottom of the picture with the name of the creator’s handle.



Garny is for individual creators who need basic preview stuff and like to repost other creator’s content. The app is totally free and has no in-app purchases.

What it lacks?

Garny is not available for iOS and neither it has a web app. It’s only for the folks on Android.

Install Garny (Android)

4. Plann

Plann is another feed planning app for Instagram which helps you design your perfect Instagram feed. Apart from the feed planning, it has an inbuilt photo editor which works fine to get a cool minimal aesthetic. It also has a bunch of fonts which you can choose to add to your stories.


The app provides you with a trial period of 15 days and later you can upgrade to the little plan for free. The plan enables you to post 30 posts/month. It also supports uploading videos up to 60 seconds.

The best thing about the app is that it enables you to see the statistics of other accounts like the best time to post, color palette, best-performing hashtags. It helps if you are a business company and want to track the growth of similar products. The analytics provided is kind of basic but useful nevertheless.

To do that go to the Performance tab, at the top you will see Sneak Peak Icon. Tap on it and you just have to type the Instagram handle of the public account and you can view their statistics.

SneakPeak_small  final_analytics_tab_small

The app is available for iOS and their web application should be out soon as stated on the official website. Do check out their website, they provide some free tutorials on how to grow on Instagram.

I would recommend Plann for people who manage multiple Instagram account for businesses. This app is only for Instagram and doesn’t support other social media platforms. The app is free up to 1 account and the paid version starts at $4 per month.

What it lacks?

I could hardly find any except auto-post scheduling for Instagram.

Install Plann (Android | iOS)

5. Planoly

Planoly does everything that the above-mentioned apps can do plus it can auto-post your photos to Instagram. Instagram recently announced that it will allow third-party apps to post photos on your behalf and Planoly is the first app to bring the feature to users. The only pre-requisite is that you need to have a business account (you can easily switch to that from Settings)

You can plan to auto-post photos at a later point of time. The limit is 30 photos per month for the free account.

It also has a web app for the desktop which includes the entire social media planning suite. It is a must try if you manage multiple Instagram accounts for your clients.


There is also support for Instagram stories. The analytics here are worth mentioning. It gives you a summarised table of basic analytics which helps you examine the traffic to your account.


The highlight of the app is the auto-post feature. The free account should be enough for an individual creator with a single Instagram handle. The prices for premium are slightly cheaper than Preview and worth giving a try. If you handle multiple social media accounts, the web app is a better choice than the mobile application.

The app is free to download and you get 1 Instagram account, 30 uploads/month and some basic analytics for free.  In case you feel to upgrade, the paid version starts at $7 per month.

What it lacks?

Apparently nothing. It’s just that you can upload your entire Instagram feed in the app which should not be a bummer because it’s only the first 9-12 grids which a new user will see.

Install Planoly (Android | iOS)

Which Instagram Feed Planner should you choose?

Planoly is something which you should definitely give a try. As an individual creator, it suffices most of your needs and the auto-post feature is just a boon. In my opinion, this is the best feed planning app for Instagram.

If you don’t seem to be posting frequently, UNUM or Garny would be a better option. In case you have any more queries, connect with me on Instagram!

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